Sandbanks – A Holiday Vacation In The Paradise Of UK

A small peninsular region located in Dorset, England is Sandbanks. As the name suggests, this place is most wonderful one in terms of beautiful beaches and a wide variety of flora and fauna. The beaches are formed with the deposition of the gold sand which adds to its beauty glittering in the sunlight. The warm waters of the sea make it an awesome place for swimming and sunbathing. In addition to the beaches, Sandbanks Provincial Park is also an attraction for the visitors.
This place also offers various adventures to the tourists like hiking, mountain riding, camping, canoeing and much more. Thus, it is a wonderful place to spend your vacations and enjoy here.

Things To Do And See

1.  Exploring the wildlife
Exploring the wildlife

The Sandbanks Provincial Park is a wide collection of the exotic wildlife of this region. The tourists can have the pleasure of sightseeing the beautiful locations and seeing about 240 different varieties of birds. You can also spot some interesting amphibians and reptiles including turtles and snakes.

2. Hiking
There are various locations from which you can select your desired location and go for hiking. Various hiking sites include the Woodland Trail, Macaulay Mountain Conservation Area and Beaver Meadow Wildlife Conservation Area. 

3. Canoeing

The beaches offer the best places for boating due to their shallow beaches. The tourists can rent a motor boat and go paddling in the shallow waters. This place also provides opportunities for sea kayaking to one of the nearest islands.

4. Swimming and sunbathing
The beaches at this place are famous all over the world and are awarded with the Blue Flag. With its warm waters and golden sand it is one of the best places for swimming and sunbathing. The visitors can enjoy the sunbath with a drink.

Sandbanks offer some of the best accommodation facilities to the guests. The location of the hotels is such which offers the beautiful scenery of the beaches with breath taking views. Some of the best hotels include the following.

FJB Hotels
Located at the beach of the Sandbanks, this hotel is mostly preferred by the visitors due to its best service and fabulous location. It provides the perfect facilities for water sports, relaxing at the side of sea and having lots of family fun. It also consists of the best eating facilities.

The Haven Hotel
The Haven Hotel

This hotel provides the best comfortable services to the visitors along with the facilities of spa and beauty treatments. It is also located on one of the blue flag winning beach and hence attracts the visitors.

All these stunning features of Sandbanks make it one of the best holiday destinations. Do plan your trip to this place and have a wonderful vacation.

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