St Albans - An Ideal Place For A Maritime Vacation

St Albans is a cathedral city situated to London’s north in Hertfordshire. This city has been welcoming visitors from quiet long time. It was earlier known as Verlamion. Later it was named as St Albans after the British martyr St Alban, buried at the Cathedral Church. St Albans is a small city which can be easily explored on foot.
St Albans
The sky touching Cathedral, burial place of St Alban, the Verulamium Park considered being the heart of the city and the architectural heritage of the Fish pool Street are the major attractions of this place.

Major Attractions

1. Clock Tower
Clock Tower

The Clock Tower built in between 1403 to 1412 is one medieval belfries out of the two situated in England. It was a great establishment which enabled the town to hear the sounds of its own hours and it also had a feature of alarm in case of any fire. If you climb the top of the tower, you can have some fine landscapes of the city.

2. St Albans Cathedral
St Albans Cathedral

This church is the oldest worship place in Britain. It is the place of the shrine of St Alban. This building is an amazing mix of architectural designs and bears the witness to the history of this city.

3. Abbey Gateway
The Abbey Gateway is a historic building which served as a prison in the past. It was built in 1365 with strong walls and ironed cells. There were isolated cells also which represent the living of the prisoners in the past.

4. Butterfly World 2011
Butterfly World 2011

As the name suggests the butterfly world is the home a wide species of tropical butterflies. This place also comprises of the butterfly breeding center with nineteen marvelous gardens, beautiful meadows and the Chrysalis Lake. This fascinating place is a great fun.

5. St. Albans Organ Theatre
This organ theatre consists of a permanent collection of musical instruments, dance organs, pipe organs and pianos. This is a great place for the music lovers. They can even visit here and be an audience of the live performances along with commentary.

The Comfort hotel

St Albans offers some of the best lodging facilities to the guests. Most of the hotels offer a traditional stay to the guests with several amenities essential for a comfortable stay. Some of the fine hotels in this place are The Sopwell House Hotel, The Quality Hotel and the Comfort hotel. There are also some good eating places which offer the best and delicious food to the visitors.

Planning a trip to St Albans and exploring its beauty and history could be lots of fun which you can have during your holidays.

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