St Raphael – Spend Your Vacations In This Charming Port City

Holidays serve as the best time to spend some time with the family and friends. It provides us a break from our regular boring lifestyles. Thus, holidays play a very important role in our lives and keep us healthy and energetic. Are you also looking forward to take a short break from your hectic schedule and are planning for holidays? Are you still perplexed in making your final decision regarding a holiday destination? If yes, than you can select Saint Raphael as your ultimate fun location.
St Raphael
This attractive port city is nestled between Saint Tropez and Cannes. Situated at the azure waters with the high mountains in background, this place offers an amazing view of the scenery. The major attractions of this place comprises of an old port, casinos, beaches and vibrant lifestyle.

Major attractions

1. La Musée de Préhistoire et d'Archéologie Sous Marine
Located in the center of the downtown, this history museum dates back to eighteenth century. The building occupies a place in the list of the world historic buildings. This ancient building showcases the permanent collections of the artifacts from the submarine expeditions. The artifacts here are made up of ceramics, grave markers and bronze.

2. Basilica of Our Lady of Victory
Basilica of Our Lady of Victory

This beautiful construction dates back to the nineteenth century and is a masterpiece reflecting the fine arts of the Romans. This amazing piece of history is worth a visit and should not be missed by the tourists.

3. Archaeological Museum
This ancient museum is situated in the city center set in the old Saint Rafeu cathedral. The museum comprises of a garden where you can have a view of ramparts, firing ports, embrasure and an ancient tower of medieval age. The main aspect of this museum is that is has a collection of the underwater findings from Antheor, Dramount and agay.

4. Lion of the Sea
Lion of the Sea

This site is considered as the best site for diving and is situated a bit away from the coast of French Riviera. Diving at the Dramond colorful wall offers numerous delights with a splendid view of the coral reefs.

When we talk about accommodation, Saint-Raphael offers numerous ranges of hotels, lodges and inn. The tourists can select a hotel depending on their taste and budget. There is everything for all budgets, so need not to worry. Just come to this place and relax while enjoying your holidays in any of these hotels.

So, this was all about Saint Raphael in detail. Read this article before visiting this place. It might provide you the relevant information that may help you in your journey. Visit this place and enjoy all the pleasures of this place.

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