Torremolinos – A Fun Loving Beach Destination For Outstanding Holidays

Holidays are the best time to enjoy, have fun and relax with your friends and family. It proffers you an opportunity to take a break from your regular affairs and spend some time relaxing in the lap of nature. Thus, you should be in search of a place which offers unlimited delights and fun to the visitors and results in an outstanding holiday trip. If you are thinking of Spain, then you can come to Torremolinos for your vacations. Located on the coasts of Costa del Sol, this place is the home to long stretch marina with stunning natural beauty.
This place also consists of an extensive range of restaurants and bars resulting in a thrilling and vibrant nightlife. This place has everything for all ages and hence attracts a huge number of visitors all round the world. This place is also friendly and considered as a haven for gays and lesbians.

Get in 
The perfect train system of this place connects Torremolinos to Malaga and several other parts of Spain. The Malaga airport also serves this place. The tourists can land in Malaga and reach their destination by opting a bus service or a train.

Major attractions

1. Aquapark

This park is a fascinating park comprising of several reptiles which inhabit this place. The visitors can easily see the alligators, caimans and crocodiles kept in this park. Due to this feature this park is also known as the Crocodile Park. You can also enjoy several fun waterslides, chutes, swimming pools and rapids. There is also a mini zoo and a museum in the premises of this park.

2. El Ranchito
This place is located in front of the resort offering views of the performance of Andalucian horses. Several other venues which are worth a visit comprises of the Los Tarantos and Pepe Lopez.

3. Tivoli World
Tivoli World

Tivoli world is a best place for family fun. It is a theme park offering over three hundred rides and is divided into several sections based on different themes. If you want to relax, you can sit under the trees of the garden and enjoy the sightseeing of the water fountains.

Accommodation and eating
Torremolinos offers some best lodging and eating facilities to the guests. There are several hotels and resorts with fine hospitality and cuisine well suited to the visitors. If we talk about the eating places, there are many fine eating places and bars offering tasty food with wine. Tapas bar is famous for its snacks and spicy prawns.

In this article, several attractions of Torremolinos have been discussed in detail. You can read this article before heading to this destination. It might be a great help to you resulting in a fantastic holiday trip.

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