Yellowstone - Enjoy A Romantic Honeymoon In The Lap Of Nature

The word honeymoon itself is enough to bring excitement in the minds of the newlywed couples. It is always a dream of the marrying couples to have a honeymoon which fills their life with love and bring them close to each other. The selection of a suitable place is must to make your trip fantastic. Yellowstone is a place which offers romantic natural atmosphere with diverse amazing spots to visit. Yellowstone National Park is situated in USA and considered to be the first national park of the world. It is the home to a large species of flora and fauna.
The beautiful waterfalls, erupting geysers and incredible thermal areas make it a stunning place for the couples to have lots of adventures.

Things to do and see

1. Wildlife Viewing
Wildlife Viewing

Yellowstone National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site and acts as a reserve for a wide variety of animals. The couples can either explore this place on foot enjoying the natural beauty of this place or opt for a safari. During their safari they can spot some amazing views of the wildlife animals like the bison, deer, bears, grizzly bears, bighorn sheep and wolves.

2. Watch Erupting geysers
Yellowstone is the home of a large number of hot springs. You can visit the Firehole River and have stunning view of a high erupting column of superheated waters. This view is just awesome and unforgettable.

3. A visit to Fairy Falls
Fairy Falls

Fairy falls is a little paradise located in between the Waitakere Ranges. You can have a swim with your spouse in the fresh and clear waters of the fall. Enjoying the scenery sitting beside the fall with your legs dipped in water is a romantic thing to do.

4. Attend a Powwow
Powwow is a tradition of the Native Americans which serves to preserve their rich cultural heritage. During this act the tribal participate in the various traditional rituals followed by their ancestors. 

Dunraven Lodge

Being a National Park this place offers the best lodging facilities. If you want to have some adventure you can also opt for a camping resort which allows you have a camping experience in the open wildlife. All the facilities are provided to the visitors by the park services. If you want to stay in a hotel with all luxuries, the best ones include Dunraven Lodge, Old Faithful Snow Lodge and Cabins and the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel & Cabins.

The above discussed amazing sites and the thrill of adventures are well suited for a honeymoon. So, visit Yellowstone and have a wonderful honeymoon.

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