Honolulu – An Inspiring Holiday Destination In The Oahu Islands

Holidays are the best part of our lives which provide us an opportunity to spend some time with our family and friends. Selecting an appropriate destination for the vacations is the toughest part of planning as there are several destinations all over the globe that attract the visitors toward it. You might have visited different regions for your vacation, so why not select an island for your upcoming holidays. Honolulu is one such destination that is most popular among the tourists. This place is the capital city of Hawaii and is a part of the Oahu Islands. The name of the island itself creates a picturesque image of sandy beaches backed by the green lush mountains in our minds. 

The place is known for its ancient traditions and culture which is also reflected by the modern lifestyle of the people living here. The Waikiki Beach is one of the most vibrant beaches located in this region. Therefore, this place is no less than a paradise for the backpackers.

Best Time To Visit
Honolulu is crowded with visitors all round the year but the months from November to March are considered as the peak season. These months offer the best time to enjoy the water and the ice activities. if you like peace and are willing to relax in the lap of nature, you can visit this place in the summer season.

Places To Explore

1. Beaches
There are several beaches located in this region but the beach that attracts numerous visitors towards itself is the Waikiki Beach. This beach is a perfect blend of white sand, sun and the warm waters. The visitors can either take a sunbath or enjoy some water activities like swimming and fishing. One other beach that offers complete family fun is the Ala Moana Park which offers green open spaces to enjoy a picnic with your family.

2. Honolulu Zoo
Honolulu Zoo

This amazing zoo is the largest in this region and acts a reserve for various exotic species of the Hawaii region. The visitors can visit this zoo and have a glimpse of the animals that are rarely seen in their natural habitat. 

3. Volcano National Park
Volcano National Park

As the name suggests this park features an active volcano.  You can have the sightseeing of this amazing scene by either flying, riding, biking or hiking. All these ways offer you a close view of the hot and burning lava of the volcano. There is another active volcano located in here nad is famous by the name of the Kilauea Volcano.

Accommodating Places
The island offers some of the best retreats to the guests when it comes for a stay. You can find several seaside resorts and hotels offering you the best services with panoramic views of the beaches and the sea. 

So, plan your vacations to Honolulu and enjoy the best time of your life.

Bordeaux – Enjoy Relaxing Holidays In The City Of Wines

Bordeaux is one of the most elegant and peaceful places that is mostly preferred for vacations. Most of the people willing to relax in an isolated place visit this place. There are several delights that can be enjoyed by the backpackers while visiting this place. The most renowned and interesting thing about this place is that it is known for its wine and also comprises of some hot-spots which are worth a visit.
There are innumerable gardens, museums and masterpieces of architecture that are worth a visit during your trip. So, what are you waiting for? Get to know more about this beautiful place by reading this article further.

Reaching Bordeaux
Airways serve as the best way to reach this place. However, the only regional airport that serves this place is Bordeaux-Merignac Airport. This airport receives regular domestic flights from within the country. There are some international flights also that land on this airport. In order to reach this place, you can make early bookings in the flights that provide services to this place.

Major Sights To Visit

1. The Grand Theatre
The Grand Theatre

This majestic theatre is a masterpiece and is worth a visit. Designed in a neo-classical style, this beautiful place is inspired by literature and art. This theatre is centrally situated in the city and has 12 pillars out of which three represent goddess. You can also enjoy an opera or ballet performance that is being held from time to time.

2. Bordeaux Botanic Garden
Bordeaux Botanic Garden

This open space is the home to a numerous species of plants and provides an opportunity to the visitors to explore the natural beauty and traditional plants and flowers of this place. The beauty of the garden is amazing when the flowers are at bloom.

3. Le Calle Ocho
This is one of the most popular bars in the city. The backpackers can enjoy thrilling and musical nights by visiting this night club. You can enjoy wines and rock on the dance floor with some of the best DJ’s in the city.

Le Grand Hotel de Bordeaux 

There are innumerable choices from which the guests can select a hotel within their budget. Some of the best hotels in Bordeaux are Hotel Des Voyageurs, Le Boutique Hotel, Petit Hotel Labottiere, Le Grand Hotel de Bordeaux etc. The visitors should also visit the renowned restaurants and taste some of the best wines which are the specialty of this place.

Bordeaux can be a marvelous holiday destination for those who love nature and wish to taste some new wine flavors. 

An Incredible Holiday Trip To Coleraine

Holidays serve as the best way of taking a break from the hectic life and provide an opportunity to the individuals to spend some quality time with their friends and family. If you are also willing to take a break from your busy schedule, you need to find a holiday destination that fulfils all your dreams and offers ultimate joy and fun. There are several destinations all round the world and the visitors can select any one of them that meets their requirements. If you love spending some time in the lap of nature, Coleraine can be one of the best destinations for you.
This place offers a perfect combination of picturesque beauty and rich cultural history. The areas which can be explored by you during your visit include Wilson Daffodil Garden, Garvagh Museum, sandy and isolated beaches etc. This small place located in Northern Ireland can provide you the best vacations you have ever had.

Places To Explore 

1. Wilson Daffodil Garden
Wilson Daffodil Garden

This beautiful garden comprises of around 400 exotic species of Irish daffodils and narcissus. If you wish to have a sightseeing of colorful blooming flowers, this place is worth a visit.

2. Garvagh Museum
Garvagh Museum

Located in the Bann Valley, Garvah Estate, this ancient museum exhibits the ancient tradition of this place. This place showcases a wide collection of antique artifacts which reveal the culture and tradition of this place in an impressive manner. 

3. Benone Beach
Benone Beach

This award-winning beach is really famous among the visitors. Honored by the Seaside and Blue Flag award, this beach offers huge stretched coastlines with golden sandy beaches. The beach serves as the best place to enjoy water activities like swimming and surfing and you can also enjoy the sightseeing of the complete area by going on the cliff top.

Coleraine offers a wide range of choices to the backpackers when it comes to accommodation. You can easily get access to various resorts and inns located near the beaches that offer magnificent vies of the sea and the beaches. The visitors can select a hotel as per their budget. Some of the top ranking hotels in this place include Lodge Hotel, Marigold Hotel, Premier Inn Coleraine and Springwell Manor Health Farm. You can also enjoy the traditional and delicious cuisine of this place by visiting the seaside restaurants.

Coleraine can prove to be the best destination for you if you wish to spend some time in the lap of nature. 

Saint Vincent And The Grenadines – Spend Your Vacations In The Lap Of Nature

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines are a group of 30 small islands situated in the northern region of Trinidad and Tobago and considered an important part of the Caribbean. This island is blessed with divine beauty and gives you the feel of heaven. The perfect mix of sun, water and the sand offer the visitors an ultimate package of fun. Known for its culture and beauty all over the world this place is a perfect choice for a holiday.
Saint Vincent And The Grenadines
The stunning beaches and waters proffer several water activities like swimming, diving, surfing and kayaking. The place also offers the facility of cruise tours that can take to site of the tallest active volcano, La Soufriere Volcano.

Travelling To This place
E.T. Joshua International Airport is the closest international airport providing direct flights to the paradise island. This place is also well connected by sea routes and you can take boat services to reach in here.

Things To Explore

1. Fort Charlotte
Fort Charlotte
This beautiful building is situated in the main island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. This place offers stunning views of the southern region of the island. You can also go exploring the quarters of the old officers and gain some knowledge of the history of the Black Caribbean which is perfectly reflected by the paintings and murals exhibited here.

2. Beaches
Among the several beaches situated in this island, Indian May beach occupies the top most position. The visitors can relax at the sandy beaches and entertain themselves by enjoying a picnic. If you are adventurous you can also look forward to enjoy some water activities like skiing, fishing and canoeing.  

3. Island Hopping
The large group of islands provides you an opportunity to explore their hidden treasures. The best thing you can do is to hire a ferry and visit each island. You can also consider taking a guided tour to some of the major islands like Saint Vincent, Mustique and Union Island. 

Places For Accommodation
The place offers many comfortable and beautiful resorts and inns that will make your stay memorable. You can find a diverse range of hotels suiting the budgets of all. The luxurious hotels known for their hospitality is a key feature of this place. Kingstown Guest House and Apartment is a luxurious hotel that attracts numerous guests towards it.

So, if you are a nature lover and want to relax in a peaceful environment you can visit Saint Vincent and the Grenadines islands.