Padstow – A Charming City Offering Numerous Delights

Padstow is a traditional fishing village that is most popular among the holidaymakers for its delicious cuisine, sea food and traditional cottages. This charming village is situated on the coast of Cornwall, England. With the recent developments this place has also raised to a great extent offering numerous delights to the vacationers.
The picturesque and long stretches sandy beaches, spectacular views, diverse and exotic wildlife and adventurous cycling trails makes this place a complete fun package. The turquoise sea waters and the amazing historic sites have a lot to proffer to the visitors.

How to reach
The Newquay international Airport serves as the connection between this place and the outer world. This is the closest airport to this small village and provides services to and from London Stansted, London Luton and London Gatwick.

Sites To Explore

1. Prideaux Place
Prideaux Place

This place is beautifully located on the top of a hill backed by the creepers. The backdrop of the dense vegetation and hills enhances the beauty of this place. This Elizabethan house consists of precious collection of ancient artifacts, furniture and historic art. There is also a room where the visitors can relax enjoying tea and snacks.

2. The National Lobster Hatchery
As the name suggests, this place is a preservation center that provides residence to some exotic species of native lobsters. This place is worth a visit and you can have the pleasure of viewing the young lobsters growing in natural surroundings. The Dai the Claw also called the Giant Lobster catches the attention of all the visitors. 

3. Obby Oss Festival
Obby Oss Festival

This traditional festival is generally organized in May. The charm of this festival attracts numerous visitors to take part in this festival. The theme of the festival is the traditions and celtic culture of the village. It is initiated with a parade that is complemented by songs, flags, drums and flowers. The blue oss marks the beginning of the procession which is then continued by the red oss.

Places For Accommodation
This appealing town though small offers a wide array of resting facilities to the guests. You can easily fetch a hotel depending on your budget. This place also proffers camping grounds for the adventurous tourists. The most preferred hotels of this place include the Metropole Hotel, The Seafood Restaurant, Tregea Hotel, Pols Piece Holidays and St. Edmund's House.

In order to enjoy a unique holiday trip you can visit the fascinating town of Padstow. Hope this article provides you all the necessary information required for planning a trip to this place.

Lisbon – A Cheaper Holiday Destination With Innumerable Delights

Comprising of beautifully designed building, rich cultural history and picturesque beauty, Lisbon provides innumerable delights to the travelers. It has beautifully retained its culture and architecture attracting thousands of tourists from all round the world. This place is also known for its delicious pastries and is the best place for sweet lovers. So, what are you waiting for? Visit this place and taste a wide variety of desserts and pastries and have a sweet holiday experience.
There is so much that will surely keep you engaging. The wandering streets, museums and art galleries provide an opportunity to the backpackers to enrich their knowledge.

How To Reach
Aeroporto da Portela is the only international airport in Portugal that offers flights from several countries to this beautiful place. In addition to this, the airport is well connected to different modes to transport allowing the travelers to reach their desired destination with ease.

Major Sights To Visit
1. Belem Tower
Belem Tower

This remarkable watch tower is included under the World Heritage site by UNESCO. This iconic tower is a must to visit place. You will really appreciate the architecture and beauty of this monument.

2. Jeronimos Monastery
Jeronimos Monastery

This magnificent monastery is also listed under the World Heritage Site and ranks among the most beautiful monuments in the world. The cloisters are really stunning.

3. Calouste Gulbenkian Museum
This museum is ranked among one of the finest museums beautifully portraying the culture and treasures of the west and the east. The gorgeous art collections and works by some renowned artists are magnificently stored in this museum. Visiting here you can appreciate the work of some renowned artists like Rembrandt, Monet, René Lalique and Rubens.

4. Lisbon Botanical Gardens
Lisbon Botanical Gardens

This garden dates back to a century and is the home to a wide species of plants. This beautiful place is a perfect visit for those who love to enjoy with their family in beautiful surroundings. The green grasses and innumerable plants and trees enhance the beauty of this place.

Lisbon is a place that offers almost everything within the budget of the individuals. When it comes to accommodation, there are a wide range of hotels and lodges that are available at affordable prices. Some of the top-ranking hotels include Britania Hotel, Olissippo Lapa Palace, Hotel Avenida Palace etc. In addition to this, the visitors can also visit some renowned eating places to enjoy delicious cuisine and traditional pastries for which, Lisbon is famous.

So, if you are looking forward to spend some time in exploring the unexpected beauty and creativity of the artists, Lisbon can be the best for you.

Isle Of Wight – An Ultimate Destination For Fun And Thrilling Activities

Most of the people to have ultimate fun and excitement during their holidays and therefore they select a destination that offers several delights of their choice and preferences. If you are looking forward to go for a holiday trip and wish to have loads of fun then Isle of Wight can be the best option for you. This beautiful island city is located on the southern coasts of England and offers all sorts of thrill and excitement to the visitors.
Isle Of Wight
The unspoiled scenery, exotic landscapes, long stretched costs and a complete set of entertaining activities like paragliding, deep sea diving and surfing offer much more than expected by the guests. Other attractions of this place include the award-winning exotic beaches, natural delights and music festivals.

Reaching Here
As this place is an island country it is mainly accessible by seaways. The visitors can land in any of the major cities of UK and enjoy a ferry trip for reaching their destination. A sea trip also allows the backpackers to feel the beauty of the sea and exquisite natural landscapes.

Places To Explore

1. Flamingo Park
Flamingo Park

This park is a paradise with stunning waterfalls and fountains and also provides an opportunity for the visitors to enjoy the exotic views of the sea. This park is also serves as a conservatory for some of the animals like wallabies, parrots and penguins. Getting yourself photographed in the outstanding landscapes of this park can be the best way to collect some memories for the future.

2. Osborne House
Osborne House

This house was once the residence of Queen Victoria and is often visited by the visitors to appraise its unique and amazing architecture and wonderful walled gardens. You will surely be pleased to visit this place of greenery and natural beauty.

3. Beaches

The main attraction of this island city is its sparkling beaches. They are known for their fine amenities and cleanliness. For this it also awarded with a blue flag. The sandy beaches, warm sea waters and spectacular scenery allow the visitors to rest in peace. Those interested in water activities can have an adrenaline rush by going for deep sea diving, exploring the underwater kingdom and much more.

Isle of Wight offers a plethora of lodging facilities to the guests. The main attraction of this place is small but beautiful cottages but you can easily find a luxurious hotel or apartment for your stay. Your choice depends totally on your budget and preferences.

An island country has so much to offer to its visitors and you can experience the same by visiting the Island Country of Isle of Wight. 

Explore The Best Kept Secrets Of Canada By Visiting Manitoba During Your Upcoming Vacations

Manitoba is a small place located in Canada and is known for offering the best delights in the world. This stunningly beautiful place offers everything that enables the visitors to enjoy as well as relax in peace. The wide skies, exotic wilderness, prairies, icebergs, picturesque beauty and friendliness of the residents of this place will really please you to a great deal. The vast coastlines with blooming and colorful fields will surely attract your attention.
This place also offers access to a wide range of animal species which can be explored by you. So, if you are ready to enjoy the wilderness and exotic beauty of this place, you should get ready to make early bookings.

Get In 
Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport is the only international airport that enables the backpackers from all round the world to visit this place. Other small cities of this place are connected via domestic airports and the visitors can use them in order to reach their desired destination.

Major Attractions

1. Manitoba's National Park
Manitoba's National Park

If you are close to nature and wish to enjoy some stunning sightseeing, this place can be the best for you. Here, you will find a wide species of animals as well as birds. The exotic views of nature will leave you speechless. While exploring this place, you might have a sightseeing of the animals like wolves, elk, bears, polar bear, beavers etc. 

2. Wapusk National Park
Wapusk National Park

This place is worth a visit as it provides you an opportunity to take pleasure in having a look at polar bears which are not commonly seen everywhere. Shorebirds and waterfowl's are present in thousands.

3. Icelandic Festival of Manitoba
Icelandic Festival of Manitoba

This festival is one of the largest gatherings which are organized outside Iceland. The backpackers can become a part of this festival and have a fantastic experience having a view of the traditions of Canada and tasting the traditional cuisine of the country during this festival.

As far as accommodation is concerned, you will not face any kind of problem as Winnipeg offers a wide range of hotels and lodges in which you can make your bookings. Some luxurious hotels of this place include Mariaggi's Theme Suites Hotel, Best Western plus Pembina Inn & Suites, Inn at the Forks and The Motel 6 Headingley. 

Manitoba is one of the finest places which can be visited by you during your holidays. This place offers extreme fun and entertainment and will surely provide you an opportunity to earn some cherishing memories with your family and friends.