Westminster – Enjoy A Historical And Informative Holiday Tour

Westminster is a historical city located in the heart of London and occupies most of the parts of England. It is surrounded by ancient buildings from all sides and hence is considered as the home to several historical monuments. This city is the home to several historical monuments including 10 Downing Street, the Houses of Parliament and the Houses of Parliament. Another major attraction of this place is the Palace Of Westminster where the two parliament houses of United Kingdom meet.
These houses of parliament include the House of Lords and the House of Commons.

Reaching This Place
The major airports that connect this place to the outer world include the Heathrow Airport, London Biggin Hill Airport and the London City Airport. The centralized location of this place makes it easy for the visitors to reach this place. Apart from the airways, the guests can also reach in here by either taking a bus or enjoying the scenic beauty via cruise.


1. Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is a renowned historical monument exhibiting an amazing piece of architecture. It is the residence of Queen Elizabeth II. Other residences comprises of the Sandringham House and the Balmoral Castle.

2. Palace of Westminster
Palace of Westminster

This Palace is listed under the UNSECO World Heritage site and is also known by the name of Houses of Parliament. This building has undergone reconstruction in the 19th century due to fire and reflects a perfect example of Victorian neo-Gothic architecture. Visiting this place allows you to have a view of the Lords Stranger Gallery, Clock tower and the Westminster Hall.

3. Tate Britain
Tate Britain

This place exhibits a huge collection of amazing art work by Turner and relics of British culture and art. Yu can also become a part of the renowned exhibition that is held in the month of October and lasts till January. The main attraction of this exhibition is the Turner’s Prize.

4. Whitehall
The Whitehall is beautifully located in between the Parliament Square and the Trafalgar Square. You can spot various British administrative buildings here. The Downing Street lies to this west and towards its east is the Banqueting Hall.

The visitors can easily find a hotel that suits their budget. There are various hotels that offer comfortable resting facilities to the guests. You will be really pleased with the hospitality offered by the hotel services. The Wellington, Belle Cour Hotel, Mint Westminster, Luna and Simone hotel etc are some of the renowned hotels of this city that are mainly selected by most of the visitors.

Westminster is a historical place and you can gain enough knowledge by exploring the several historical places during your visit to this place.

Swansea – A Paradise With Exotic Natural Beauty

Holidays are the best part of the life of an individual that result in cherishing and outstanding memories. Exploring the oceanic beauty can be the best way to spend your vacations. One such spot that is mostly preferred by tourists include Swansea, the second largest city located at the coast in south Wales. It is considered as a paradise with sparkling beauty and picturesque coastal landscapes. Due to its location it is also known by the name of “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty”.
The main attractions of this place include the profuse and beautiful parks, adventurous and thrilling water sides, scintillating sandy beaches and its diverse culture. 

Reaching in Here
This place is well connected to all major parts of the globe via airlines. The main airport that connects it to the European countries is Cardiff International Airport. This place is also facilitated with charter planes and private aircrafts. The small airports that offer this service include the Pembrey Airport and the Swansea Airport.

Best Time To Visit
The best time of the year to visit this place starts from June and lasts till August. This period is considered as the peak season during which it is crowded with visitors from all round the world. The pleasant weather during this season serves as the best for enjoying the sun and taking a sunbath on the sandy beaches. If you wish to rest in peace, you can visit this place in the month of September and October and enjoy the crisp air and explore the isolated beaches and diverse vegetation.

Places to Explore

1. Clyne Gardens
Clyne Gardens

Several exotic species of plants can be seen by you in this botanical garden.  This beautiful garden is located in about 19 hectares of land and comprises of 800 different varieties of rhododendrons. Some of the national collections that can be spotted at this place include Pieris and Enkianthus.

2. The Guildhall
The Guildhall

This building is an amazing piece of architecture built by Percy and is designed beautifully with a white base and numerous strips. This place now serves as the office of city council. The County Law Courts, City Hall and Brangwyn Hall are the main parts of this building.

3. Mumbles

Exploring this charming resort will surely offer your numerous delights. Beautifully intended in a Victorain style, this place provides you an opportunity to taste the delicious cuisine in the gourmet restaurants located in this area.

The visitors can rest in peace in the luxurious hotels located in this place known for their best hospitality and friendly staff. The hotels that rank among the top notch service providers include The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, the Dragon Hotel and Towers Hotel and Spa.

Swansea serves as the best place for enjoying maritime holidays. The breathtaking beauty of this place will surely leave you stunned.

Sunderland – Explore The Hidden Treasures Of This Place During Your Vacations

Planning a holiday trip is the most exciting phase of life which fills the holidaymakers with enthusiasm. A holiday trip provides you an opportunity to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Hence, the selection of a holiday destination matters a lot and you should always prefer to select a destination that offers loads of entertainment. One such place that fills you with joy and excitement is Sunderland. This beautiful place has everything that would never provide you a chance to get bored.

The outstanding culture, everlasting greenery, and long stretched coastal lines of this region will refresh your minds. You are surely going to enjoy a trip to this place.

Reaching In Here
The major airports that serve this place include Durham Tees Valley Airport and the Newcastle International Airport. The visitors can easily take a flight to these airports from all the major parts of the world and reach in here.

Places To Explore

1. Herrington Country Park
Herrington Country Park

The Country Park proffers numerous delights to the visitors ranging from unique sculptures, cycling trails and lush pathways. You can also go for a family picnic in this region and also have the pleasure of enjoying the open concerts conducted in this park every year.

2. Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens
Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens

This museum is listed in the most famous and award winning museums in the world with lots of visitors visiting this place every year. Considered as the home to several historical exhibits, this museum showcases exhibits from the ancient past. The Winter Gardens situated in this museum are the home to numerous sub-tropical plant species.

3. Roker & Seaburn Beaches
Roker & Seaburn Beaches

Known for its heavenly beauty and sanctity, the Roker and the Seaburn Beaches provide an opportunity to the visitors to either relax in the sun or enjoy some water activities. Due to the stunning beauty, they have also won several awards. You can also be a part of the air show held on this beach and have a thrilling experience.

The accommodation facilities in Sunderland are outstanding and the guests can easily find a place that suits their taste and budget. Choosing a hotel that has a centralized location is preferred by the tourists as it provides an easy access to all the major attractions of this place. Resting in some fine hotels allows you to enjoy some additional facilities like gymnasium, spa, warm water pools etc.

Sunderland has so much to offer to people of all ages. No one ever gets bored during a trip to this place. You will never regret visiting this place.