Bundanoon – An Interesting Place Well Suited For Holidays

Bundanoon is an attractive village situated in the Southern Highlands. Known for its peaceful and intimate environment and European greenness, this place is full of natural wonderful scenery. This land is the home to diverse flora and fauna and allows the visitors an opportunity to explore them in their natural habitats. The Morton National Park is the major attraction of this place.
This park consists of some amazing paths and trails offering the facilities of hiking and bushwalking to the tourists.
This small place can easily be explored on foot. You can come across some exciting traditions and cultures of this place while interacting with the native residents.

Reaching Bundanoon
There is no direct flight to this place. The nearest airport is the Sydney airport which offers travelling facilities to the tourists from all over the world. The tourists can reach Sydney and then can take a bus or hire a car to reach Bundanoon. You can have lots of fun during the journey enjoying the picturesque beauty of the countryside.

Things to do and see

1. Morton National park
Morton National park

Morton National Park is the most visited place in Bundanoon. This site offers numerous adventures and hidden treasures which could be explored by you. This park consists of a flat plateau which is divided by the steep gorges.  There is a wide variety of flora and fauna with numerous species of wildflowers including the giant turpentine trees growing below the cliffs. You can have magnificent sightseeing of several birds including the hawks, eagles, lorikeets, cormorants, lyrebirds and the swamp parrot. The wildlife at this place is amazing and worth to explore.

2. Brigadoon Festival
This festival acquires the largest gathering and is based on the Scottish style and traditions. The festival offers lots of fun, music, dance and drinks to the guests. The visitors should become a part of this festival and enjoy the culture of the Scotland.

3. Solar Springs Health Retreat
Solar Springs Health Retreat

If you looking for some health retreat and place to relax, the solar springs health retreat is the best place you can go. This place offers the best spa with excellent services from experienced staff.

Where to stay
Bundanoon offers wide range of hotels to the tourists from which they can select the one fulfilling their requirements. Most of the hotels are beautifully designed with fine services and hospitality. The main hotels selected by the guests include Yallambee, Bundanoon Lodge, Morvern Valley Guesthouses, Idle A Wile and Treetops Country Guesthouse.

So, this was all regarding Bundanoon. This information might help you to a great extent, if you are planning your holidays to this place. A trip to this place will leave you with wonderful memories.

Bathurst - An Exciting Holiday Tour To The Gold City Of Australia

Are you planning to go for a holiday trip? Are you still confused in finalizing a destination for your holidays? If so, then this article is surely going to help you. In this article we are going to discuss about Bathurst – a wonderful land of natural pleasures, rich history and outstanding architecture. This place is also known by the name of Gold Country as it was the first site where gold was discovered. Situated in the central west area of New South Wales of Australia, Bathurst is one of the most popular destinations for holidays.
You can also have the pleasure of seeing some ancient churches with stunning architecture.

Get In 
The Regional Express offers regular direct flights from Sydney to Bathurst. The tourist can reach Sydney via different airlines to Sydney international airport. From here they can board the flights from regional express and easily reach in here.

Major Attractions

1. Machattie Park
Machattie Park

This is lovely Victorian town park build in the 19th century. The park has carefully restored several historical buildings of this region. The major ones include the Fernery, Begonia House, the Cargo Fountain, Band Rotunda and Lake Spencer. These are the historical sites of this area and you can have the sightseeing of the amazing architecture of these buildings and the natural scenic beauty of the lakes and fountains.

2. Bathurst Observatory
This observatory is most popular among the tourists. It is open for the public and allows them to view several objects using the main optical telescope. You can get excited by the views if the solar system, distant galaxies and nebulas. 

3. Bathurst Miniature Railway 
The Bathurst Miniature Railway runs at the John Mathew’s complex situated at Durham Street in Bathurst. It covers about 600 meters of track and in the recent years there are many buildings and tracks added to this railway. This facility provides you a funny ride across the country side.

4. Bathurst Regional Art Gallery
Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

This art gallery displays the regional traditions with the astonishing art of some local artists.  There is a dynamic collection of various paintings and craft work by them.

You can find a wide variety of lodging options in Bathurst including the hotels, motels, lodges and apartments. Quality Hotel, Bathurst Sundowner, Ben Chifley Motor Inn and Comfort Inn Governor Macquarie are some of the recognized hotels in this region. The visitors can select any of these and enjoy a comfortable stay.

So, in this article we have discussed the pleasures and features of Bathurst in detail which might be a great help to you while planning your trip. Keep these important facts in mind and visit this place.

Baltimore – A Holiday Destination That Leaves You Breathless

Baltimore, located in the arms of Chesapeake Bay in the mid regions of Atlantic, is a well known holiday destination among the holidaymakers. Considered as the largest city of Maryland, this place has gained an important place in the tourism industry. The city has undergone a sea change in the recent years. You can easily view the gleaming skyscrapers with some amazing architecture. Baltimore is a city with long and very rich history. Most of the historical sites are situated in the Inner Harbor, which is easily navigable.

The major tourists attractions in this place comprises of National Aquarium, Maryland Science Center and USS Constellation. Federal Hill and Fells Point boasts about the grand views of the Inner Harbor.

How to reach
The only airport located in the city is Baltimore-Washington International Airport, located at a small distance from the city. There are car and rail facilities which provide an easy access to the destination from the airport.

Major attractions

1. National Aquarium
National Aquarium

This unique aquarium is the most visited place in Baltimore. The 16,000 residents of this place attract tourists towards itself. The aquarium floats at a bottom level with an open pool packed with fishes and stingrays. The upper level of the aquarium consists of a wide variety of marine animals whereas the top most part of the building provides you an experience of a rainforest. You can also have the pleasure of viewing a giant shark sitting in a large tank at the bottom.

2. Baltimore Museum of Art
This museum is considered as the largest museum of art in Maryland and displays huge variety of styles from different time periods. This place is known for its famous collection of Matisse, donated by the natives of Etta Cone and Claribel.  You can also spot the unique collections from Andy Warhol. Several other features of this place comprises of some outstanding European sculptures, Asian and African arts and a sculptor garden.

3. Maryland Zoo
Maryland Zoo

This Zoo is filled with several delights for the kids as well as adults. Located in the Druid Hill Park in Baltimore, the zoo is spread over 160 acres of land. There are more than thousands of birds, amphibians, reptiles and mammals. The Maryland Zoo also takes active participation in the conservation and breeding projects of animals.

There is a wide range of hotels in Baltimore, with diverse price ranges. The tourists can easily make their selection from luxurious expensive hotels to moderate price hotels. The best hotel regarded as the charm of the city is the Holiday Inn Inner Harbor. This hotel offers the best amenities to its guests with a large swimming pool. Don’t miss top eat at Helmand Restaurant as it offers the best delicious cuisine from Afghanistan.

The friendly environment and the stunning history of this place offer so much to the visitors. You must consider Baltimore as your holiday destination and have an ultimate fun vacation.

An Exciting Holiday Trip In Between The Green Vineyards Of Orange

Welcome to Orange – a place known for its wine and vineyards. Orange is situated in the Central West region Of New South Wales and is known among the tourists. People get attracted towards this place due the picturesque landscapes of the lush vineyards, historical museums, gardens and art galleries. There is also an ever expanding diversity of accommodation, restaurants and cafes.
Orange City
The nightlife in this region is outstanding and vibrant with lots of clubs and pubs offering the visitors with some regional tasty wine. So, this place is the first choice of the wine lovers where they get an opportunity to explore the different varieties of wine manufactured here.

Reaching Orange
Orange is located at four hours drive from Sydney. The tourists can land on the Sydney International airport and rent a car to reach Orange. This driving to their destination will offer them some picturesque views of the countryside including the views of the green vineyards.

Places to be Explored

1. Mount Canobolas
Mount Canobolas

Mt. Canobolas is the home to an extinct volcano located about 1,395m above sea level. The top most summit of this volcano offers outstanding views of the surrounding. Talking through the pathways offers you to have an interaction with the diverse fauna of this place including rosellas, parrots, grey kangaroos, wombats, wallabies and koalas. The Federal Falls add to the beauty of this place and can be a perfect place for bird watchers.

2. Cook Park Heritage Walk
This park is a heritage site which reserves several varieties of plants. This place provides open spaces to relax and the green grasses offer some picnicking area. The nearby fountains, aviary, pond and the begonia house increases the attraction of this park. 

3. Hedberg Hill Wines
Hedberg Hill Wines

It is a beautiful vineyard spread in about 5.6 hectare of land in the Central Tablelands. It is situated at some elevation and provides stunning views of Mt. Canobolas. The Molong Creek situated below provides a beautiful valley landscape as the headwaters drains from highlands to the lowlands finally meeting Macquarie River. Hedberg Hill has a wide range of aromatic wines, white wines and red wines. This vineyard also consists of an open space where the visitors can relax and taste different varieties of wine.

Country Comfort Orange, Anita Motor Inn Orange, Cloudgap Bed & Breakfast, Millthorpe Motel and Central Caleula Motor Lodge are some of the best lodging options available to the tourists. Orange is well known for its wine hence, you can easily spot some restaurants offering delicious food and regional varieties of wine.

The beautiful lush vineyards, stunning landscapes and the comfortable accommodations make this place popular among the tourists. So, consider this place while planning for the next holiday trip. Visit this place and have loads of fun.