Explore The Rich Cultural And Agricultural Heritage Of The City Of Suffolk

Suffolk is the largest country in England situated within the east of Anglia. It is one of the most beautiful and picturesque country sharing its boundaries with Norfolk in the north, Cambridge shire to its east, Essex in the southern part and the North Sea to its west. Suffolk consists of the ancient parts of the country and well known for its incredible sights and stunning coasts. A holiday trip to this place will bring your senses back to life. This place is full of some amazing features from spectacular Wool towns located in the south to the shimmering greenery in the west.
Suffolk City
The city’s fascinating culture, rich heritage, beautiful countryside, stunning coasts, wonderful accommodation and dining facilities add to your fun during your holidays.

Reaching Suffolk
Suffolk is a port city in England, hence the tourists can easily reach this place by water transport. People mostly prefer to travel via airways. Suffolk is mainly served by the Stansted Airport which ranks as the third largest in London. It receives scheduled flights from the major countries and also offers flights to several parts of UK and Europe. Norwich Airport situated in Norfolk also serves the city of Suffolk.

Major Attractions

1. Lavenham
Lavenham Village

Suffolk is known for its beautiful small villages and Lavenham is one such beautiful village with amazing architecture and historic medieval buildings. The picturesque beauty seems endless with the pink color on the walls of all the houses and black colored thatch.

2. The Sunrise Coast 
The Sunrise Coast 

The eastern coast of North Suffolk is generally known as the Sunrise Coast. This area is full of stunning landscapes and includes the Norfolk Broads National Park and ancient market towns. The beach offers various adventures to the tourists where they can enjoy and have lots of fun.

3. Laversham Literature festivals
Suffolk is famous for its rich arts and cultural heritage. There are number of festivals organized in the city. The tourists can have lots of entertaining music, arts and specially held comedy festivals at the Henham Park.

Suffolk is the home to some of the best luxurious hotels and cottages. The guests are provided with all the facilities which provide a comfortable stay. Some of the best ones include the Seckford Hall, the Swan Hotel, Salthouse Harbour Hotel and the Tuddenham Hotel. All of these hotels are surrounded by the stunning greenery and offers fine breakfast and dining facilities to the visitors.

The remarkable wool towns and the stunning landscapes of the country side make it a perfect holidaying destination. You can plan a trip to Suffolk and explore the hidden facts of the untouched parts of this place.

Explore The Legendary History And Beauty OF Saint-Malo During Your Holidays

Saint-Malo is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Brittany. This small port city is located in Brittany on the northwestern regions of France. The place has an old Town which is surrounded by walls from all sides. This place is one of the best locations that can be explored due to its rich history and cultural heritage. You can easily see numerous forts and historical buildings in this city. Apart from history, there are several beautiful beaches with pristine beaches, friendly restaurants and some of the finest cuisines.
The major attraction of this place is the oysters from Cancale.
They come under the list of best dish of this region. In all we can say that Saint-Malo offers a wide range of attractions from medieval and charming city to strolling beaches and museums.

Getting in
Saint-Malo is mainly served by ferries and is considered as a terminal for ferries arriving from Weymouth, Portsmouth and Poole. If you consider airways as a better option, you can reach this place via Dinard – Pleurtuit – Saint-Malo Airport. There are also bus and train services that can be availed by the tourists.

Places to explore

1. The Great Aquarium
The Great Aquarium

This aquarium is a major one in France. It was established in 1996 and owns several other parks in Europe and France. The aquarium houses around 11,000 sea animals. Visiting this place offers you the views of several species of sharks, turtles, fishes and stingrays.

2. Fort National
Fort National

Built in 1689 By Vauban, this national fort was designed for the purpose of protection of the valuable port of Saint-Malo. The tourists can take a guided tour to this place and explore the hidden importance and features of it.

3. St. Vincent Cathedral
St. Vincent Cathedral

This oldest cathedral is the best example of the Plantagenet style and is famous for its Gothic and Romanesque styles. This historical site is an amazing masterpiece reflecting the perfect mix of traditional architecture of Romans and Gothics.

There is a wide array of lodging facilities available to the visitors. This place consists of some best luxurious hotels, resorts and lodges. You can also find hotels and apartments which are medium priced and offer a suitable stay. The ones which are high priced also offer extra facilities of swimming pool, gymnasium and spa centers. The best ones you can go for include Hotel Le Nautilus, La Rance Hotel, La Villefromoy, Hotel Beaufort and Hotel San Pedro.

After reading this article, we can say that Saint-Malo is a perfect tourist destination which can be visited by you during your vacations.

Explore The Hidden Treasures Of Sinclair´s Bay, Caithness

Sinclair's Bay is a beautiful place surrounded by castles at all ends with the long stretched sandy beaches. This place is well known for its excellent crabs and lobsters. The striking small harbors and the picturesque beauty of the landscapes are eye catching. The visitors can have lots of adventures at this place from swimming, deep sea diving, snorkeling and fishing. The waters in this place consist of a wide species of colorful fishes and even offer creels, crabs and lobsters.
Sinclair´s Bay
This place is not much famous as a tourist destination but you can visit this place and explore the amazing hidden treasures.

Places To Explore

1. Keiss Beach
Keiss Beach

Sinclair's Bay is the only long stretched beach which is split into two parts by a stream. The north part of this beach is called as the Keiss Beach. This beach consists of the white sandy bed with shallow and warm waters. The beach is isolated and rarely has visitors. You can visit this place and enjoy with your family. 

2. Old Wick Castle
The Old Wick Castle was built in the 12th century and is a beautiful four storied tower which was once ruled by Norse Earls. It is wonderful to view the ruins of this castle which are in the form of large rocks located on the top of the cliffs. It seems highly exciting watching the high tides of the ocean striking these rocks.

3. Wick Heritage Centre
Wick Heritage Centre

This is an award winning museum which successfully restores the incredible artifacts and the wonderful fishing section. The most amazing thing of this place is that this museum is designed in the form of a fishing boat. 

4. Duncansby Head
Duncansby Head is the extreme north eastern part of Scotland. It also includes the well known John O’ Groats and the Caithness highlands. The real delight of this place lies to its southern part where you can explore the stunning landscapes situated behind the tall lighthouse. There is a pavement of red sandstone which leads you on the top of the cliffs and provides a magnificent view of the sea birds and sea gulls.

Lodging and eating
Bank Guesthouse

Sinclair's Bay is surrounded by beaches and hence consists of hotels with beautiful locations offering the views of the sea and the shores. Some of the finest hotels of this place are Sinclair Bay Hotel, The Clachan, Bank Guesthouse and Impala. These hotels offer all facilities essential for a comfortable stay. The rooms are provided with cozy beds with self coffee making services at the room. These hotels are known for their best hospitality.

The eco friendly environment and the stunning beauty of Sinclair's Bay attract visitors towards itself. Plan a trip to this place and enjoy your journey.

Explore The Diverse Wildlife Of Bangor During Your Holidays

Bangor is located on the shores of the Belfast Lough and is considered as the third largest city in Northern Ireland. This place holds the status of Blue Flag. The population of this town is approximately 76,000. This place offers plethora of amazing sightseeing of the picturesque forests, lakes and historical sites.
There is also a diverse wildlife which you can go exploring and spot some exotic species of rabbits, stoats and red deer. The major attractions of this place include the Belfast Zoo and the Exploris Aquarium.

Getting in
The two main airports which provide an easy passage to this place include George Best Belfast City Airport and the Belfast International Airport. Both of these airports are situated a few minutes away from Bangor and allow the visitors an easy access to this place.

Major attractions

1. Pickie Fun Park
Pickie Fun Park

This is a family fun park which offers lot of excitement and amusing things to do. This place is the home to Puffer miniature railway, paddling pools, adventurous playgrounds and the pedaling swans. All these features attract tourists towards itself to a great extent. 

2. Bangor Castle
The Bangor Castle is a beautiful mansion built in the 19th century. The picturesque ground lead to the Castle Park considered being the home of the North Down Heritage Center. This center exhibits some amazing features of the culture and history of this place. 

3. Belfast Zoo
Belfast Zoo

This zoo is the most visited place in Bangor and receives a large number of visitors all round the year. The zoo is spread in about fifty five acres and is the home to a wide variety of animals.

4. Bangor Marina
Bangor Marina is the biggest and most prestigious marina of Northern Ireland. This place holds the honor of RYA Customer Award, Blue Flag Awards and Five Gold Anchor. It is the major site providing major sailing settings to the tourists.

Plas Dinas Country House

Bangor is a place which offers some of the best lodging facilities to the guests. There are a wide range of hotels including the high range luxurious hotels to mid range hotels also. This provides an opportunity to the visitors to select an accommodation according to their budget. Some of the nice stays with best locations comprises of Ty Dderw Country Inn, The Management Centre, Llannerch, Plas Dinas Country House and Hilton Garden Inn. All these hotels offer fine hospitality to the guests with facilities of swimming pool, internet and fitness center.

The amazing natural beauty and the various fun parks offer a lot to all members of the family. Thus, you can enjoy to your fullest with your family and friends if you select Bangor as your holiday destination.

Explore The Diverse Natural Surprises Of Wollongong

Wollongong is one of the most loveable cities in New South Wales of Australia. In the recent years this place has attracted several visitors towards itself. The numerous isolated beaches, botanic gardens and scenic lookouts are well noted by the tourists. The place is known for its historical two cathedrals and an ancient Buddhist temple, Nan Tien. There is so much that can be explored by you from the surfing beaches, outstanding landscapes, lush rainforests to the diverse wildlife.

Wollongong is an excellent holiday destination offering everything to its guests.

Get in
Wollongong is mainly served by the Sydney International airport which provides scheduled flights from several regions. This airport is well connected by rail and bus transport providing the passengers an easy access to this place. Several domestic airlines also serve this place operating from this international airport.

Places to explore

1. Nan Tien Temple
Nan Tien Temple

This temple is the largest Buddhist temple located in Wollongong. It has received awards for its beautiful lighting, architecture, gardening and tourism. The word Nan Tien means Southern Paradise which is really reflected by the views of this temple.

2. Illawarra Fly Treetop Walk
It is one of the newest attractions of Wollongong. This is the highest point which takes you along the picturesque views of the Illawarra escarpment and also from Bass Point to the regions of Bundeena.

3. Symbio Wildlife Park
Symbio Wildlife Park

This wildlife holds the honor of an award winning family zoo. The visitors can come across some exotic species of animals in this wildlife park. You can have an encounter with the Sumatran Tigers, Koalas, Tasmanian devils and Galahs. You can get close to the animals without any hesitation and feed the kangaroos.

4. Canoe and kayak adventures
The pristine beaches provide thrilling sporting opportunities to the visitors. They can go for canoeing, kayaking and surfing in the sea waters with their friends. The bushwalk adventures and safaris add to their trip.

Where to stay
Wollongong offers amazing lodging options to the guests. There are hotels of all ranges situated in the city. The location of these hotels offers the visitors an easy passage to the several attractions of the city. Some of them are at the walking distance allowing them to explore the city on foot. Some of the best hotels of this place comprises of the Marigold Hotel, Novotel Hotels, Medina Executive, Chifley, Quality Suites Pioneer Sands and Comfort Inn Fairways.

Wollongong has so much to offer to the tourists from beautiful sandy beaches to outstanding landscapes making this place perfect holiday destination. So, do plan your holidays to this place and have cherishing moments.

Explore The Beauty Of Alicante, A Spanish Holiday Destination

Alicante is the capital city of Alicante Province and a famous holiday destination. It is a thoroughly modern city in the Mediterranean region offering everything for all ages. This city is the home to several stunning beaches with a backdrop of the magnificent Alicante Mountains. There are also several indoor and outdoor activities that can be enjoyed by the visitors. Several sightseeing opportunities await and welcome the guests on their arrival.
The visitors can enjoy and have fun in the beautiful gardens of the city and also go exploring the history of this place in the numerous museums located here. In all there is almost everything to entertain you and make you happy.

Reaching here
The city consists of a home airport known as the Alicante Airport which connects this place from the major locations of the world. Several regular flights lead the tourists this place.

Major Attractions

1. Alicante Water Museum
Alicante Water Museum

This astonishing museum is located at the entrance of La Ereta Park which is situated at the foot of Mount Benacantil. You can see the Santa Barbara Castle from this site. This place is known as the water museum because of the water from Benacantil foothills that passes from the plaza and goes into the wells. These wells are situated next to the museum and serve as a source to store water.

2. Castle of Santa Barbara 
Castle of Santa Barbara 

This medieval fortress stands on the top of the Benacantil Mountain and was built by Muslims in the Ninth century. The site offers amazing views of the whole town. The castle can be reaches either by a car or an elevator.

3. Gravina Museum of Fine Arts 
This museum displays some fine art from the local artists. The work done by these great artists are worth praising and are carefully preserved in this museum. You can also have a look at the video of the history of Alicante.

4. Alicante International Contemporary Music Festival
This festival is celebrated by the city with full pomp and show. The visitors can be a part of this festival and enjoy the traditional and classical music of this region. They can also have the pleasure of listening to some unique instruments specially designed for this festival.

The city comprises of several lodging options which can be taken into account by the guests. There are a wide range of luxurious hotels offering best services to their guests. You can select any one of them for your stay and enjoy your trip.

These were some of the key factors related to Alicante which could be kept in mind while planning a holiday trip to this place. Visit here and have loads of fun with y our family and friends.