Praslin Island - Explore The Amazingly Beautiful Paradise Of Africa

Praslin Island is one of the most stunning islands of Seychelles. This island boasts about its calm and quiet atmosphere and is a perfect destination for holidaymakers who wish to rest in peace. This island stretches to about 12 kilometers in length and 5 kilometers in width. It is also the center of Vallee de Mai National considered as a world heritage site. The pretty thick emerald vegetation, turquoise waters and pristine beaches offer lots of pleasures to the tourists. The small delightful features comprises of the beachside shops selling banana bread and small atolls surrounded by colorful coral reefs.
Praslin Island
The marine life and the diverse fauna of this place are also exciting. Activities like deep sea diving and snorkeling allow you to have an interaction with the furious sharks and other marine animals.

Reaching in here
The waterways serve as the main means of transport to this island. The tourists can have an easy access to this place by the ferries offering services to this place. Journey through the sea also offer remarkable sightseeing of the surroundings.

Major attractions
1. Vallee de Mai National Park
Vallee de Mai National Park

This national World Heritage Site is centrally located in the island. This is the best place to see the coco de mer palm trees which grow in this region in plenty. The walking trails and paths across this park lead you to coves and deserted beaches. The snorkeling and dining ids allowed in this region with coral reefs surrounding the beach.

2. Praslin Museum
This is the first and only museum located in the island. This museum boasts about the traditions and culture of Seychelles. There is also a garden with endemic medicinal plants and allows the visitors to have a view of the fruit bats. Visitors can also take active participation in some traditional activities of coconut dehusking and grilling breadfruit.

3. Anse Lazio beach
Anse Lazio beach

This beach is located on the north side of Praslin. This beach is regarded as one of the finest beaches in Praslin. The stunning beauty of this place is enhanced by the huge granite formations and coral reefs surrounding the beach. You can also enjoy bathing and snorkeling on this beach.

The tourists can find a wide range of lodging facilities on this island. The island is the home to several beachside resorts and luxurious hotels offering all sorts of comforts to the guests. The main hotels preferred by the visitors comprises of Paradise Sun Hotel, Chateau de Feuilles, Le Duc de Praslin, Coco de Mer - Black Parrot Suites and Villa Kass.

In the above article, several facts about Praslin Island have been in detail. Do read this article carefully before visiting this place and have loads of entertainment.

Kiama – An Amazing Place For Ultimate Holiday Fun

Kiama is a seaside town situated on the eastern coasts of Australia. Surrounded by the rugged rainforests and golden pristine beaches this place has become a famous tourist destination. You can experience ultimate fun and excitement visiting this place. The isolated beaches, handmade stone walls, rich history and heritage and spectacular scenery offer a lot to the visitors. The amazing sightseeing and the rolling pathways are the best to be explored.
The major attractions which should not be missed by you include the patrolled beaches, the tall lighthouse and the Big Blowhole. This place also offers some alfresco styled cafes, wineries and restaurants providing nice dining facilities.

Major attractions

1. Bombo Beach
Bombo Beach

This popular beach is located in the northern regions of Kiama. The high tides and strong undercurrents of the sea offer the surfers to have lots of adventure and fun. You can also relax at the isolated beach enjoying the natural scenery and watching the migration of whales towards the south.

2. The Kiama Blowhole
The Kiama Blowhole

Located in the New South Wales, this blowhole attracts several tourists towards itself. The blow hole is supposed to spray waters under certain conditions of the sea which could be about 25 meters and can drench any of the visitors viewing this scenery. There is another blowhole situated on this region. But it is small as compared to the Kiama blowhole and hence also known as the Little Blowhole.

3. Kiama Lighthouse
Kiama Lighthouse

This outstanding lighthouse was designed by Edward Moriarty and is famous for its unique architecture. Its height is about 36.3 meters above the sea level and due to its large height it can be viewed from large distances. This is an active lighthouse standing at the Blowhole point.

4. Spring Creek Bird Hide
This unique bird hide is nestles in between the freshwater lake and the lagoon. Visiting this place offers you a close sightseeing of the water birds including the chicks, cormorants, coots, moorhens, swans and several other species of birds.

Kiama offers several comfortable accommodations to the guests. There are a wide range of hotels to choose from. The tourists can select a hotel that suits their budget and can rest in during their holidays. The best gateways for a comfortable accommodation include The Sebel Harbourside Kiama Hotel, Mercure Resort Gerringong, Medina Executive Wollongong, Novotel Wollongong Northbeach and Best Western Wollongong. These hotels also offer self catering services and the facilities of pool and gymnasium.

So, what are you waiting for, just pack your baggage and make the necessary bookings for a nice trip. Visit here and have lots of excitement and thrill.

Kelowna – Enjoy The Natural Beauty Of The Coastline Region Of Okanagan Lake

Kelowna is situated in the heart of the wine country of British Columbia. It is considered as the largest city of this region standing at the banks of Lake Okanagan. The stunning coastal beauty, diverse wildlife and fertile agricultural lands offer so much to the visitors. The beaches are well suited for different recreational activities of boating, swimming, surfing and kayaking.

Wineries are the major attraction of this place. If you are ready to go for vacations and want to have lots of thrill and excitements, select Kelowna as your destination.

Getting in
Kelowna International Airport, situated in Kelowna operates flights to and from all major regions of the world. This airport offers daily services from the cities of Seattle, Calgary, Prince George and Vancouver.

Major Attractions

1. Quails' Gate Winery
Located at the first log cabin at the top, this winery offers amazing views of the vineyards and across the Lake Okanagan. This place also offers the regional wine to the guests and consists of a small open area where you can sit and relax.

2. Big White Resort
Big White Resort

Big White Resort is the most famous skiing resort offering a vast area for skiing. You can play different ice games in this resort and have lots of fun. Mainly you can watch the guests skiing in this area. 

3. Hot air balloon ride over Okanagan
A hot air balloon ride offers some thrill where you can observe some amazing views of the city flying over the top of it. The views of the snow covered mountain, glittering sea water and dense plantation are breathtaking.

4. Kangaroo Creek Farm
Kangaroo Creek Farm

The major attraction of this place is the kangaroos. The creek farm provides you can opportunity to have some views of kangaroo and some small marsupials living in their natural habitat or lying at the beach in the sun shine. It seems to be very exciting.

A comfortable stay after a long happening day is the need for all guests. Kelowna provides hotels, lodges and motels in all ranges suitable to all. The tourists can select a place according to their budget and enjoy their holidays. Some preferred hotels in this place are Dilworth Inn, Manteo Resort, Royal Anne Hotel and the Mission Park Inn. This city is also the home t some fine eating places which provide best services with delicious foods and tasty wine. You can taste some nice wine at Waterfront Wines Restaurant & Wine bar and Bohemian Bagel Cafe and Ric's Grill.

This article provides you with all the relevant information regarding the city of Kelowna. Hope this may surely convince you to select this place as a holiday destination. 

Hunter Valley - An Astonishing Vacations In The Wine Country

Holidays are the best part of our lives. They provide us a healthy break from our regular busy schedules and let us spend some quality time with our family. Planning for vacations is the most exciting part of a trip. This phase involves the selection of the best place which offers almost all delights to the visitors. A holiday destination should be one which offers everything for each member of the family. So, we have searches one such exciting place for you which can prove to be a perfect holiday destination for you. The place is Hunter Valley, situated in the New South Wales Region of Australia.
Hunter Valley
This place is famous for its delicious wine and wineries. So seems to be a perfect place for the wine lovers. There are also several options for sports and adventurous activities.

Things to do and see

1. Balloon Safaris
Balloon Safaris 

Hunter valley is a beautiful place to be explored. The visitors can go for hot air balloon ride and have the magnificent sightseeing of the picturesque landscapes and scenery of the valley. Flying over the top and seeing the green vineyards seems so outstanding.

2. Tatler Tapas Café

It is one of the most famous and exciting place in Lovedale. This place offers some award winning native wines with superb dining in tapas style. The antique architecture, stylish cellar door and friendly staff provide lovely dining at this place.

3. Hunter Valley Zoo
Hunter Valley Zoo

This amazing zoo is located in between the Pokolbin and Cessnock. The zoo consists of several wild animals. The tourists can easily spot some different species of wallaby and kangaroos. You can also spot dingoes, koalas, wombats, monkeys and birds.

4. Hunter Valley Horse Riding & Carriage Tours

This is a fun ride for the kids. This carriage ride across the valley offers the visitors to have some outstanding sightseeing of the countryside and explore the award winning wineries of this place. You can also sit back and relax in your way and taste some delicious old wine.

Cypress Lakes Resort Hunter Valley

The accommodation facilities lie along the Pokolbin region and offers huge range of hotels to stay with different budgets and styles. Some of the best hotels of this place comprises of the The Sebel Kirkton Park Hunter Valley, Segenhoe Inn Luxury Boutique Hotel & B&B Aberdeen, Cypress Lakes Resort Hunter Valley and Patrick Plains Estate Hunter Valley. 

So, these were some of the best attractions of Hunter Valley which attracts visitors towards itself. Read this article carefully and plan your holidays to this place so that you can have lots of thrill and excitement.

Have An Adventurous Holiday Trip To The Sauble Beach

Sauble Beach is situated on the eastern coast of Lake Huron, in Ontario, Canada. It is a beach town famous for its long stretched sandy beaches and various recreational activities.  These features make this place the first choice of the people who are planning to go for a holiday trip.
The Sauble Beach
The major attractions of this place include swimming, water skiing, golfing, fishing, beach volleyball, castle building and several others. It is a wonderful place for a family vacation and fun.

Major Attractions

1. Winding River Campground

Winding River Campground
This place provides the ultimate experience of camping. The campground is spread on 12.5 acres of the natural forests with the Sauble River flowing along the ground. There are all the amenities for the families which includes facilities of bathing, eating and comfortable staying.

Sand castle Competition
2. Sand castle Competition
The sand at the beach of the Sauble River is considered best for building castles. This attracts the children as they enjoy playing with sand and create small castles. The authorities also organize castle creating competitions for the visitors in which you can take part and have lots of fun.

3. Lighthouse
There are various light houses located in this region. Light houses attract the visitors towards its sky touching height and their rich history. Visiting a lighthouse during evening or at night time could offer you spectacular views.

Things to do

• You can play volleyball at the beach courts.
• There are various mountains which offer hiking. You can also prefer to go for cycling exploring the natural beauty of the nearby places.
• Swimming in the fresh waters of the sea could prove to be a good choice.
• This beach town is the home of some renowned golf courts. You can take the pleasure of playing golf in these courts or go for watching some tournaments.
• The sunsets at the Lake Huron’s are world famous. You can enjoy some of these picturesque landscapes.

Lodging and eating

This small town is full of cottages and hotels with all facilities and comforts. The location of these hotels is such that they allow the visitors to view some spectacular landscapes. With all facilities and comforts they also provide fine dining services to their guests. The best hotels in this place include the Golden Eagle Motel, Knights Inn, Sauble Beach Lodge and the Lakeview Motel and Cottages.

You can also find some of the best dining facilities at the Beach Burger restaurant, Marc’s Cosmic Fries and Lobby’s Beach Front Restaurant.

The stunning beauty of the beaches and the entertaining activities offered by the Sauble beach makes this place a perfect destination for vacations. Do visit this place and enjoy your holidays.

Have A Rocking Holidays In The City Of Truro

Truro is a cathedral city located in Cornwall. It is also the capital city of Cornwall.  As this place is a cathedral city it is the home of various beautiful churches which host different festivals and choirs. This place is also the best destination for the food lovers. There are a wide variety of restaurants, cafes and bistros. The city also offers a thrilling nightlife in addition to musical performances.
City Of Truro
Some of the major attractions include the Truro Cathedral, Royal Cornwall Museum, Skinners Brewery and the Poppy Cottage Garden.

How to reach

The main airport of Cornwall is the Newquay Airport, located about a 12 miles from Truro. This is the only major airport which serves this place and offers scheduled flights from different regions across the world. The visitors can also adopt the waterways to reach this place. Along the Rivers Fal and Truro, there is a place which offers boat services. This route can also be adopted to reach in here.

Major Attractions

1. Poppy Cottage Garden
Poppy Cottage Garden

This is a really beautiful garden full of picturesque landscapes and colorful flowers. The visitors can enjoy a family picnic at this place as it offers wide open grounds. The clever combinations used during the planting of the tress add to the beauty of this place.

Truro Cathedral
2. Truro Cathedral
This beautiful church was built in the nineteenth century and is the worship place of Blessed Virgin Mary. The architecture of the church reflects the ancient Gothic style of designing.  It is the one of the best church of this place.

3. Royal Cornwall Museum
Royal Cornwall Museum

This Cornwall museum is a spacious and well maintained place which exhibits a lot on geology and environment. The main attraction of this place is a real mummy which is placed upstairs and reflects the Egyptian culture. The adjacent Arts Cafe is a lovely place to have a break and eat there.


Truro is the home to several four and five star hotels along with self catering cottages. There are also mid range hotels which offer fine facilities to the guests. You can easily find a suitable and comfortable stay for yourself as this place is suitable for all budgets. Some of the best hotels in Truro include the Mannings Hotel, Bar and Restaurant, the Nare Hotel and the Polgwedhen Farm. All these hotels offer big rooms with unique furniture and beautiful gardens.

Truro also offers some of the best dining facilities in the area. Some of these dining areas include Top Mast Cafe, Montano’s Restaurant and Adrian’s Restaurant. The city also offers vibrant nightlife with lots of clubs and bars.The several attractions of Truro make it a rocking place for vacations. Planning a trip here would be loads of fun.