St Raphael – Spend Your Vacations In This Charming Port City

Holidays serve as the best time to spend some time with the family and friends. It provides us a break from our regular boring lifestyles. Thus, holidays play a very important role in our lives and keep us healthy and energetic. Are you also looking forward to take a short break from your hectic schedule and are planning for holidays? Are you still perplexed in making your final decision regarding a holiday destination? If yes, than you can select Saint Raphael as your ultimate fun location.
St Raphael
This attractive port city is nestled between Saint Tropez and Cannes. Situated at the azure waters with the high mountains in background, this place offers an amazing view of the scenery. The major attractions of this place comprises of an old port, casinos, beaches and vibrant lifestyle.

Major attractions

1. La Musée de Préhistoire et d'Archéologie Sous Marine
Located in the center of the downtown, this history museum dates back to eighteenth century. The building occupies a place in the list of the world historic buildings. This ancient building showcases the permanent collections of the artifacts from the submarine expeditions. The artifacts here are made up of ceramics, grave markers and bronze.

2. Basilica of Our Lady of Victory
Basilica of Our Lady of Victory

This beautiful construction dates back to the nineteenth century and is a masterpiece reflecting the fine arts of the Romans. This amazing piece of history is worth a visit and should not be missed by the tourists.

3. Archaeological Museum
This ancient museum is situated in the city center set in the old Saint Rafeu cathedral. The museum comprises of a garden where you can have a view of ramparts, firing ports, embrasure and an ancient tower of medieval age. The main aspect of this museum is that is has a collection of the underwater findings from Antheor, Dramount and agay.

4. Lion of the Sea
Lion of the Sea

This site is considered as the best site for diving and is situated a bit away from the coast of French Riviera. Diving at the Dramond colorful wall offers numerous delights with a splendid view of the coral reefs.

When we talk about accommodation, Saint-Raphael offers numerous ranges of hotels, lodges and inn. The tourists can select a hotel depending on their taste and budget. There is everything for all budgets, so need not to worry. Just come to this place and relax while enjoying your holidays in any of these hotels.

So, this was all about Saint Raphael in detail. Read this article before visiting this place. It might provide you the relevant information that may help you in your journey. Visit this place and enjoy all the pleasures of this place.

Torremolinos – A Fun Loving Beach Destination For Outstanding Holidays

Holidays are the best time to enjoy, have fun and relax with your friends and family. It proffers you an opportunity to take a break from your regular affairs and spend some time relaxing in the lap of nature. Thus, you should be in search of a place which offers unlimited delights and fun to the visitors and results in an outstanding holiday trip. If you are thinking of Spain, then you can come to Torremolinos for your vacations. Located on the coasts of Costa del Sol, this place is the home to long stretch marina with stunning natural beauty.
This place also consists of an extensive range of restaurants and bars resulting in a thrilling and vibrant nightlife. This place has everything for all ages and hence attracts a huge number of visitors all round the world. This place is also friendly and considered as a haven for gays and lesbians.

Get in 
The perfect train system of this place connects Torremolinos to Malaga and several other parts of Spain. The Malaga airport also serves this place. The tourists can land in Malaga and reach their destination by opting a bus service or a train.

Major attractions

1. Aquapark

This park is a fascinating park comprising of several reptiles which inhabit this place. The visitors can easily see the alligators, caimans and crocodiles kept in this park. Due to this feature this park is also known as the Crocodile Park. You can also enjoy several fun waterslides, chutes, swimming pools and rapids. There is also a mini zoo and a museum in the premises of this park.

2. El Ranchito
This place is located in front of the resort offering views of the performance of Andalucian horses. Several other venues which are worth a visit comprises of the Los Tarantos and Pepe Lopez.

3. Tivoli World
Tivoli World

Tivoli world is a best place for family fun. It is a theme park offering over three hundred rides and is divided into several sections based on different themes. If you want to relax, you can sit under the trees of the garden and enjoy the sightseeing of the water fountains.

Accommodation and eating
Torremolinos offers some best lodging and eating facilities to the guests. There are several hotels and resorts with fine hospitality and cuisine well suited to the visitors. If we talk about the eating places, there are many fine eating places and bars offering tasty food with wine. Tapas bar is famous for its snacks and spicy prawns.

In this article, several attractions of Torremolinos have been discussed in detail. You can read this article before heading to this destination. It might be a great help to you resulting in a fantastic holiday trip.

Lethbridge – A Fantastic Holiday Destination In Canada

There are numerous destinations across the world which proves to the best for a holiday trip. Sometimes it is really confusing to make a selection in between them. But, if you are looking forward for a holiday trip, you can explore the city of Lethbridge in Canada. This is a small city with peaceful environment offering magnificent sightseeing and stunning beauty. Lethbridge is situated in southern parts of Alberta and is considered as a hub for many ranching and farming communities in the nearby regions.
This place also comprises of some beautiful valleys which are the result of erosion. The major attractions of this place include the Old Man River flowing across the city and the theme based parks which add to the beauty of this region.

Reaching Lethbridge
Lethbridge consists of a regional airport situated a few miles from the city limits. This is a small airport which offers flights only from Canada. The Integra Air and Air Canada operates scheduled flights to and from Lethbridge. The tourists can take a flight to Canada and from there, they can board these regional planes and reach this place.

Things to do and see

1. Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden
Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden

This beautiful garden is a master piece representing the traditions of the Japanese. This garden is set aside the free flowing Henderson Lake which increases the beauty of the landscapes. You can spot the amazing Japanese architecture and design in the planting of flowers. It is such a wonderful site where you can find benches to relax.

2. Sir Alexander Galt Museum & Archives
Originally considered to be a hospital, this museum perfectly exhibits the history of Lethbridge and Southern regions of Alberta in a detailed manner. It is the best place to gain some knowledge of the past of this place. You can also hear the stories of this museum to be haunted. This would be lots of adventures exploring this rich historical place.

3. Helen Schuler Nature Centre
Helen Schuler Nature Centre

This nature center is a nice place for kids to have entertainment and fun. The major attraction of this place is the rescued crow considered to be a fixture from several years. The center comprises of small and well organized collections of natural things and also provides smooth trails for walks.

Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Lethbridge, Quality Inn & Suites, Coast Lethbridge Hotel & Conference Centre and Sandman Hotel Lethbridge are some of the recognized hotels of this city. These staying places are well known for their nice services and hospitality. The tourists can make bookings in any one of these and have a comfortable stay.

The details of this beautiful city and the pleasures it offer serves to be the best for a perfect holiday. Here you get lots of opportunities to enjoy the nature and have fun.

La Digue – An Ideal Place To Relax And Enjoy In The Natural Wonders Of African Region

La Digue is a beautiful small island of the Seychelles. This picturesque island with top beaches, untouched forests and exotic weathering of pink granite is easily accessible with outstanding accommodation facilities. The palm trees and the colorful coral reefs provide breathtaking views of nature. The life on this island is relaxed with Creole houses beautifully places under the papaya trees.

La Digue
In all we can say that this island is the home to several charms and offers lots of water activities to the tourists. This island is also considered as a center from which other islands of Seychelles can be explored.

Get in
This place is not accessible by airways but there is a helipad on the island providing an opportunity to the helicopters to land here. The ferries are major means of transportation in this region. Several ferries run from La Digue and Praslin.

Places to explore

1. Giant Tortoise
Giant Tortoise

Seychelles is the home to some rare and exotic species of Giant tortoises which live in the agricultural estate of this island. These tortoises are the largest in the world and hence attract numerous visitors towards it. 

2. Veuve Reserve Information Centre
This reserve is established to provide protection to the black paradise flycatcher, which is on the verge of extinction. This forest reserve protects its natural habitation. 

3. Beaches

La Digue has several stunning beaches with sandy coast and palm trees increasing its beauty. The coastal lines with granite boulders, white sand, pretty coves and colorful reefs offer the best place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty.  These beaches also provide amazing sightseeing of the tropic birds flying in the sky.

4. Flora and Fauna
The diverse flora and fauna of the island require an exploration by you. While walking across the forest you can view some delicate orchids, trees of Indian almond and grapevines of vanilla. The fauna is also diverse with rare species of birds, Chinese bittern and waxbill.

The island proffers several comfortable gateways to the visitors where they can relax after an exciting day. Numerous sea side resorts and hotels provide an easy access to the beaches with the stunning views of the sunset, which you can enjoy relaxing on your couch. The best hotels in this region comprises of Pension Hibiscus, Le Domaine de l'Orangeraie, Casa De Leela, Chateau St Cloud and Hotel L'Ocean. There are also some sea side open restaurants offering fine dining facilities under the open sky.

This island paradise offers a perfect place to relax in the natural surroundings and enjoy some water activities. Therefore, plan your holidays to La Digue and feel the nature.