Southern Reef Islands – Explore The Hidden Treasures Of The Paradise Of Australia

Southern Reef Islands is situated in the Great Barrier Reef area of the coastal regions of Queensland. The region is full of some outstanding growth of the coral reefs which makes this place a natural wonder. Some of the area of this island is composed of the national park which offers an opportunity to the visitors to explore the exotic wildlife of this area. There is plethora of excitement on this island providing the options of camping. This place is the home to thousands of varieties of coral reefs, diverse wildlife and thousands of beautiful islands surrounding this southern Reef Island.
Southern Reef Islands

This island also offers several adventurous activities like swimming with the fishing, deep sea diving, canoeing and river rafting.

Major Attractions

1. Heron Island
Heron Island

This island is one of the renowned hotpots of Southern Reef Island. The surrounding colorful corals provide a divine look to this place. Major portion of the island is occupied by national parks while the left over portion is devoted to a gorgeous resort. This resort offers excellent lodging facilities to the guests.

2. Exploring the wildlife
This region is the home to a wide variety of animals and marine life. While exploring the natural reserves you can easily spot some amazing varieties of Doves, Sea Eagles, Egrets, Ospreys and Woodswallows. You can also go walking on the Beautiful walking trails discovering the minute things in the park.

3. Deep Sea Diving
Deep Sea Diving

You can enjoy some adventures and thrill in this region. Deep sea diving is an activity which you can do under the guidance of specialist. It provides you an opportunity to swim with the colorful fishes of the ocean and explore the underwater kingdom.

4. Camping
Capricornia Cays National Park is the most known place offering ultimate camping facilities to the visitors. The authorities of the island offer all basic amenities to the guests so that they can enjoy the camping experiences with all kinds of adventure and fun.

Brampton Island Resort

This island offers all the facilities to the visitors as far as the accommodation is concerned. There are the best hotels on the island with outstanding locations offering the magnificent views of the waterfront and the sea. Some of the staying options for which you may look forward include Bedarra Island Resort, Heron Island Resort, Brampton Island Resort, Whitsundays Hotels and Daydream Island Resort. There are some fine restaurants also which offer delicious seafood.

The stunning landscapes, adventurous activities and diverse wildlife offers so much to the tourists. Thus, this place can be a best option for enjoying your holidays.