Waterloo – Enjoy Your Holidays In The Land Of Festivals

Holidays tend to be the best time of our busy lives when we forget our worries and have lots of fun and entertainment with our family and friends. When it comes to planning for such a trip, we tend to seek all the pleasures we can achieve and the most confusing part of this planning involves the selection of the place. Waterloo in south Ontario region, Canada is one destination offering lots of delights to the visitors.
Waterloo City
This place is full of some beautiful gardens and amazing wildlife which can be explored by you during your trip. The major attraction of this place includes the maple syrup festival which provides you an opportunity to taste some delicious maple syrups of this region.

Major attractions

1. Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory
This place is one of the most beautiful sites to visit. The visitors can have the sightseeing of thousands of colorful butterflies all round the year. The garden also features the lush greenery, tropical plants, fresh water streams and stunning waterfalls.

2. Maple Syrup Festival
Maple Syrup Festival

This is one of the largest festivals held in the Waterloo city. This festival provides an opportunity to the visitors to taste some traditional maple syrups of this place. You can also view some antique collections of craft.

3. Bingaman’s Funworx
This is the largest play land of Waterloo spread in about 35,000 sq. ft. and offers lots of fun. The visitors can play numerous games at this place which involve mini golf, wall climbing, ropes course and arcades.

4. Waterloo Battlefield
Explore this battle field which is the site where Napoleon lost a battle. Adjacent to it is the Lion’s Mound, an artificial hill with a statue of lion at its top. There are stairs which allow you to climb at the top and have the whole view of the battle field.

5. African Lion Safari
African Lion Safari

The city offers services to the families to enjoy a jungle safari.  In this safari you can easily spot the African lions, elephants, cheetah and other exotic animals of this region. The visitors can also have the pleasure of bird watching.

Hotel Le Cote Vert

Waterloo offers some amazing suites to the visitors. Some of the best hotels of this region include Hotel Le Cote Vert, Ibis Brussels Waterloo, Martin's Grand Hotel Waterloo and Le Joli-Bois Hotel. The guests can enjoy a comfortable stay in any one of them and enjoy their trip.

The amazing wildlife safari and stunning natural beauty attracts a lot of visitors to Waterloo. If, you are planning for a vacation do consider this place and enjoy to your fullest.

Victoria - Happening Holidays In The Garden City Of British Columbia

Are you planning for a holiday trip to escape from the daily hectic life schedule? Do you love greenery and gain peace in spending some time in the lap of nature? If your answer is yes, then Victoria is a perfect place for your holidays. Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia, Canada. It is located at the southern tip of the Vancouver Island. Due to the numerous beautiful gardens and green areas this place is also known as the Garden City.
Victoria City
In the recent years this place has become more popular and attracts several tourists towards it. The city is also famous for its dining and eating facilities along with the vibrant nightlife.

Get in

Victoria International Airport is the main airport of Victoria and offers multiple flights to and from Vancouver. This airport also receives flights from some major parts of the world and helps the tourists to easily reach this place. If you enjoy adventure, you can also opt for a cruise ship or a recreational boat to reach here.

Places to explore

1. Beacon Hill Park
Beacon Hill Park

Beacon Hill Park is a beautiful place surrounded by Douglas St. to its west and Dallas Rd to its south.  The southern end of this park is located on the waterfront that provides an amazing view of the Olympic Mountains. This place also consists of the Beacon Hill Children’s Farm which is a goat petting region.

2. Butchart Gardens
This garden is famous all over the world for its beautiful aromatic flowers. The tourists should not miss this wonderful attraction, spread in about fifty five acres of land. The relaxed strolling pavements offer a fine walking with the fragrance of flowers mixed with the blowing breeze. If you visit this place in summer you can enjoy amazing fireworks with music. This is a program held by the city authorities.

3. Miniature World
Miniature World

Miniature world is a place full of surprises and excitement. It is the home to some extensive exhibits of miniature forms of the cities and landscapes. There is also a working saw mill which is considered as the world’s smallest mill.

Lodging and eating
Victoria Hotel

The lodging facilities in Victoria are perfect. The visitors can have what they want according to their budget. Victoria Hotel, Hastings House, the Westin Bear Mountain Victoria Golf Resort and Spa and The Aerie are some best hotels in this city offering fine services to the guests. The visitors can also visit the pubs in this region and taste some nice wine. Some of the best pubs consists of Garrick's Head Pub, 17 Mile House Pub and Six Mile Pub.

The comfortable lodging, best wine and stunning beauty of the gardens gives a feel that you are relaxing in heaven. So, plan your vacations to Victoria and have the same experiences.

Saskatchewan – Have A Rocking Holiday Trip To The Land Of Living Skies

Are you planning for a holiday trip and a bit troubled in selecting a fine location, here is the best destination famous among the tourists to spend their vacations. Saskatchewan is a beautiful place situated in the prairies of Canadian province. This city is also known as The World’s Bread Basket because it is the largest producer of wheat in Canada. With its outstanding green crops, stunning parks, art and cultural centers and historical attractions, this place is continuously becoming known among the tourists.
Saskatchewan City
The breathtaking sunsets and the magnificent views of the northern lights give this place the name of the Land of Living Skies. The untouched natural treasures of this place are so exciting to explore and the Qu’ Appelle is the most attractive valley which presents the true spirit of this town.

Getting to Saskatchewan

The John G. Diefenbaker International Airport located in Saskatoon is an international airport receiving flights from all the major countries to this place. The visitors can easily get in via these regularly scheduled airlines. The Regina International Airport is one other airport which operates on a regional basis and offers flights to some close by regions.

Places to explore

1. Saskatchewan Bird Sanctuaries
Saskatchewan Bird Sanctuaries

This city is the home to two national parks and thirty four regional parks. These parks acts as heaven for the birds and provide them natural habitat to produce and flourish. Mountain Lake National Wildlife Area is the oldest wildlife reserve in this area and considered to be the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

2. Saskatchewan Museums
Saskatchewan Museums

This place is the home to more than 250 museums. The major ones include The Royal Saskatchewan Museum which displays the lifestyles and the culture of the aborigines of this region with stone tools, traditional medicines and important maps. Four Western Development Museums is another museum whose collections and artifacts pay tribute to the immigrants and pioneers of the natives who settled in here.

The James Hotel

A friendly atmosphere and a comfortable stay is what one expects after enjoying lots of activities during the day. This place consists of various staying sites offering fine services and good dining facilities. There are hotels with different ranges fulfilling the needs of all. You can make booking in any of these hotels and relax during your trip. The most valued hotels of this place comprises of The Hotel Saskatchewan, The James Hotel, Gold Eagle Lodge, Tisdale Canalta Hotel and Home Suites by d3h.

So, these were the major visiting attractions of this place which offers several delights to the visitors. Therefore, consider this place for your next vacation and get to know the enormous hidden facts about this place.