Sandbanks – A Holiday Vacation In The Paradise Of UK

A small peninsular region located in Dorset, England is Sandbanks. As the name suggests, this place is most wonderful one in terms of beautiful beaches and a wide variety of flora and fauna. The beaches are formed with the deposition of the gold sand which adds to its beauty glittering in the sunlight. The warm waters of the sea make it an awesome place for swimming and sunbathing. In addition to the beaches, Sandbanks Provincial Park is also an attraction for the visitors.
This place also offers various adventures to the tourists like hiking, mountain riding, camping, canoeing and much more. Thus, it is a wonderful place to spend your vacations and enjoy here.

Things To Do And See

1.  Exploring the wildlife
Exploring the wildlife

The Sandbanks Provincial Park is a wide collection of the exotic wildlife of this region. The tourists can have the pleasure of sightseeing the beautiful locations and seeing about 240 different varieties of birds. You can also spot some interesting amphibians and reptiles including turtles and snakes.

2. Hiking
There are various locations from which you can select your desired location and go for hiking. Various hiking sites include the Woodland Trail, Macaulay Mountain Conservation Area and Beaver Meadow Wildlife Conservation Area. 

3. Canoeing

The beaches offer the best places for boating due to their shallow beaches. The tourists can rent a motor boat and go paddling in the shallow waters. This place also provides opportunities for sea kayaking to one of the nearest islands.

4. Swimming and sunbathing
The beaches at this place are famous all over the world and are awarded with the Blue Flag. With its warm waters and golden sand it is one of the best places for swimming and sunbathing. The visitors can enjoy the sunbath with a drink.

Sandbanks offer some of the best accommodation facilities to the guests. The location of the hotels is such which offers the beautiful scenery of the beaches with breath taking views. Some of the best hotels include the following.

FJB Hotels
Located at the beach of the Sandbanks, this hotel is mostly preferred by the visitors due to its best service and fabulous location. It provides the perfect facilities for water sports, relaxing at the side of sea and having lots of family fun. It also consists of the best eating facilities.

The Haven Hotel
The Haven Hotel

This hotel provides the best comfortable services to the visitors along with the facilities of spa and beauty treatments. It is also located on one of the blue flag winning beach and hence attracts the visitors.

All these stunning features of Sandbanks make it one of the best holiday destinations. Do plan your trip to this place and have a wonderful vacation.

Planning A Holiday Trip At The Highest Mountain Peaks Of Mont-Tremblant

Mont-Tremblant, situated at the mountain ranges of Laurentian, it is a small town in Quebec. This city is famous all over the world for its skiing area, the Mont-Tremblant Ski Resort. It is small place spread within 875 meters and surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and lush green forests. Besides being famous for its mountain ranges and skiing areas, this place has become popular among the tourists as a holiday destination.

You can visit this place in any season. Summers are famous for activities like gondola ride and sightseeing whereas winters are famous for skiing and other ice activities.

Getting To This Place
Tremblant is served by flights from all over the world. The Montreal-Trudeau International Airport is the major airport which serves this place. As this place is just 35 kilometers from Tremblant, you can easily reach this place.

Things To Do And See

1. Gondola Ride
Gondola Ride

You can enjoy a panoramic gondola ride with your family and have the amazing views of the city from the highest peaks. You can discover the whole city flying in the sky and feel its natural beauty.

2. Under the Weather Exhibit
The exhibit displays the effect of humans on the environment and also suggests its impact on the environment. Special emphasis is given on climate change like the effect of green house gases and global warming. It provides education to the visitors on these topics with the help of models, games and hand on activities.

3. Prey Show
Prey Show

This is one of the best and amusing activities the visitors can enjoy. The show includes the trained regional birds in action. The show also provides the knowledge about the amazing features of the birds and their adaptations.

4. Skiing
The highest mountain peak in Laurentians is well known for its great slopes for skiing. The visitors can also have fun in going for a dog sledge riding or ice skating, snowmobiling and snowshoeing.

Some of the best luxurious hotels in Tremblant are Hotel Quintessence, Fairmont Tremblant, Chateau Beauvallon Mont Tremblant, and Comfort Inn. The visitors can make earlier bookings in any one of them and have a comfortable stay.

Hotel Quintessence
Hotel Quintessence

Quintessence is one of the premier boutique hotels in Tremblant's. It offers unparalleled comfort and services to its guests. It is located on the exclusive waterfront of Lake Tremblant which offers picturesque views to the guests. It also offers the best dining facilities.

The several attractions mainly the winter adventures attract a huge number of visitors to this place. You can plan a vacational trip to this place and have plenty of adventures and fun.

Plan A Holiday Trip To Prince Rupert And Explore The Natural Reserve

Located on the northeastern shore of British Columbia is a small city named Prince Rupert. It is a place with rich natural reserves and outstanding landscapes. The major attractions of this place include the Khuzeymateen Provincial Park where you can see the bears, whales and eagles. The picturesque beauty of the city is outstanding. The museums located here exhibit the rich traditional culture of the natives residing here.
Prince Rupert
This place is a wonderful destination for holidays where you can have lots of memorable experiences.

How to reach
Prince Rupert Airport is the main airport through which you can reach Prince Rupert. This place is also served by small airports for sea planes like the Seal Cove Water Airport which receives some local airlines of this place. The visitors can easily reach this place by opting for any of these flights. There are various bus and rail routes which provide you an easy access to this city.

Best Time to visit
Travelling to this place seems to be best during the months of May to September. The weather during these months is pleasant and offers lovely scenery and outstanding views with fewer guests.

Major Attractions

1. Khuzeymateen Provincial Park
Khuzeymateen Provincial Park

This park is the home of Grizzly bears and whales. The visitors can go for an airplane tour and explore the rare wildlife of this place. The park is full of wide variety of flora and fauna. It would be a great fun and pleasure viewing the natural habitat of these animals.

2. Cannery Museum
This museum is the oldest national historical site which has carefully preserved the ancient cannery of this region. The preservations exhibit the rich culture of this place and the way of living of the people residing here.

3. Museum of Northern British Columbia
Museum of Northern British Columbia

This museum is the home of the remains of the historic events that occurred in this place a thousand years ago. It also represents the rich cultural history and heritage of the cities of Tsimishian, Haida, Nisga and Tlingit.

Lodging and eating
This small city offers a wide range of hotels and cottages. There are hotels from luxurious star hotels to mid range comfortable cottages. They are best in their services and provide all sorts of comfort to the guests. The major hotels in this area include Crest Hotel, Inn On The Harbour, Parkside Resort Motel and Totem Lodge Motel. You can also have the best dining facilities in these hotels. There are several restaurants which offer the best seafood and wines which you can relish.

The above discussed attractions make Prince Rupert one of the finest holiday destinations. Plan a trip to this place and have a wonderful journey.

Nova Scotia - Discover The Coastal Regions Of Atlantic Ocean During Your Holiday Tour

Nova Scotia is situated at the coastlines of the Atlantic Ocean and is considered to be a remarkable picturesque province known for its unique maritime culture and friendly atmosphere. This place is also known by the name of New Scotland, and the Celtic heritage and culture of this place presents it as an appealing holiday destination.
Nova Scotia
This place offers excellent sightseeing of the migrating whales, tall light houses, diverse marine life and rich historical museums. Nova Scotia has something for every member of the family.

Getting In
The capital city of Halifax consists of an international airport which offers flights from different countries. Halifax Stanfield International Airport is the hub for all the regional as well as international transport. Scheduled flights to Nova Scotia are also available.

Major Attractions

1. Bay of Fundy Beaches
Bay of Fundy Beaches

The Bay of Fundy is a paradise on the earth. It is the home to the highest tidal ranges on the earth. The high tides of the ocean offer great surfing and thrill rides in the white waters. You can also go for guided tours where you can spot different varieties of whales hopping in the ocean waters.

2. Nova Scotia Lighthouses
There are more than 160 historic light houses in this place. You can spot these majestic tall buildings from far distance. The world known Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse is also situated in this region. Several guided tours are available for the tourists which help them in knowing the history of these beautiful ancient buildings.

3. Lunenburg

This place is regarded as the UNESCO World Heritage Site located at the waterfronts. You can find the Schooner Bluenose and the Bluenose II which are under restoration so that the history of these sites is preserved for the future. 

4. The Acadian House Museum
The Acadian House Museum

Located on the coast of the West Chezzetcook, this museum stores some important documents and artifacts of history. Built in the form of a house it consists of a kitchen and open places to sit and relax.

If you are looking for lodging in Nova Scotia, you can find some comfortable staying options. The hotels here are known for their services and hospitality. Some of the fine hotels with excellent services include the Antigonish Evergreen Inn, Comfort Hotel Bayer's Lake / Exhibition Park, Best Western Plus Bridgewater Hotel & Convention Centre, Burton's Sunset Oasis Motel and Prince George Hotel. There are also some fine options for tasting wine which can be explored by the visitors.

Read this article carefully so that you attain all the necessary information regarding Nova Scotia. This would help you a great deal while planning for a holiday tour to this place.