Hamburg – Synergy Of Heritage And Modernity

Looking for an amazing and fascinating destination in Germany? Hamburg is a perfect blend of traditional cultural heritage and extensive collection of modernity. It is the second largest beautiful green city of Germany attracting tourists from the all over the world. Hamburg offers its visitors several choices of accommodation, great savings and availability. The hospitality of Hamburg city is incredible and worth appreciating. You can also go for prior bookings before visiting the place in festive season.
The city is famous worldwide as “the gateway to the world” and as an active city for its special tours. It is a city of diversity, architectural masterpieces such as Climbing Dockland which is an office building in shape of a parallelogram.

Major Attractive Places in Hamburg 

1. Jungfernstieg

It is located in the heart of the city, as a connection between the major attractions and the Inner Alster. You can come here for a walk, shopping, as it is a central location for leisure and recreation. 

2. Port of Hamburg
Hamburg is also known as the “Gateway to the World“as numerous ships from all over the world visit the port. You would have an amazing experience to visit the port of Hamburg and understand why it is called the gateway to the world. 

3. Fish market
Fish market

It is a legendary market and a must see for all the tourists to Hamburg. This place is renowned as a traditional market since 1700’s. Majorly everything is traded here such as all varieties of fishes, ducks, and all sorts of usable items of house. You and your family would have a gala time shopping all sorts of food and usable item from the massive fish market.

4. Speicherstadt
It is the world’s largest warehouse complex located in Hamburg.  It is one of the main attractions of Hamburg for visitors worldwide. The world’s largest integrated warehouse was established in 1883 and is considered as a historic monument. The warehouses are attractive as they are built on oak piles and it has to be crossed by fleet- canals, and also by ships. 

5. St. Michaelis church
St. Michaelis church

Hamburg’s greatest landmark is the St. Michaelis church. Hamburg has many beautiful massive churches giving a beautiful view to the city. This historical church has been rebuilt three times in history.  

Hamburg is a live city offering its admirers great marketplaces, night-life, world class cuisines and beautiful sight scenes. It is a pleasant green city of Germany where you can spend the most memorable time with your loved ones. 

New York City - Have A Thrilling Experience In Your Holidays

Located in United States, New York City is an undisputed tourist attraction for all ages. It has the world’s most cherished and amazing landmarks luring people to get started and plan their trips. From Central Park, and Times Square to Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building all major tourist attractions are famous all over the world. The best time to visit NYC is the holiday season of December with great events such as New Year’s Eve, amazing lighting of the Christmas tree at and Times Square Ball Drop etc. You have ample choices for finding accommodation in NYC from low to high budget hotels. One of the top choices are Waldorf Astoria, Viceroy, Park lane hotel and many more.
New York City
The skyline of New York City is breathtaking. The bridges, islands, waterways, parks, monuments and specially skyscrapers create an awe inspiring diorama that excites every tourist. You can feel the enormity of these surroundings all around the city, the glory of the landscape can be beautifully seen from above.

The Major Attractions Of NYC

1. The Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty

It is a symbol of American freedom which was established in the honor of acceptance of friendship as a gift to USA during French Revolution. It is considered as one of the world. 

2. Central Park
It is the most central attraction of New York City. It is a concrete jungle spread over acres of land; you can have a walk, boat ride and spend a thrilling picnic with your family and friends. You can also visit the zoo, Belvedere castle, great lawn and sheep meadow for recreation and relaxation. 

3. Times Square
Times Square

Times Square is an important landmark of New York City. It is a commercial intersection with colossal digital billboards and bright amazing light at the crossing of Broadway and Seventh Avenue. You can have a walk at times square, shop at several stores and click photographs with the wax celebrities at Madame Tussauds.

4. Museums of New York City
Jewish Museum

The trip to New York is incomplete without visit the magnificent museums of NYC. The famous museums of NYC are The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Jewish Museum, the National Academy Museum & School and the Museum of the City of New York. These world class museums are rich heritage of this city attracting tourists from all over the world.

Travelling New York is an unforgettable experience of all times, cherished moments with your family would always persuade you to visit NYC every winter holidays. 

Berlin – A Gateway For Rocking Holidays

Most of the people today, look for a holiday destination that offers innumerable hot spots which can make their vacations a mesmerizing one. One such destination that has a busy life and is known for its varied architecture and rich history with innumerable places to have fun is Berlin. It is the capital of Germany and offers a gateway to loads of fun and excitement.
People visit this place due to its vibrant and happening night life, numerous museums, shopping hubs and much more. There is much more that can be enjoyed by you during your trip.

How to reach?
Berlin, being the capital city of Germany is well linked with most of the places all round the world. It has two main airports that receive flights from all over the globe. These airports include the Schönefeld Airport and the Tegel International Airport. The visitors willing to get in here need to make prior bookings so as to reach here comfortably.

Key Attractions

1. Brandenburg Gate
Brandenburg Gate

It is one of the most important historical monuments in Berlin and symbolizes the division of the country. The visitors are attracted towards this site so as to view the other part of the city. This gate was once the main entry of the city and a major part of the wall that separated the city from its surrounding areas.

2. Gendarmenmarkt
It is the most astonishing squares of the city. This amazing place is located near the Friedrichstraße and is also known for the elite shopping streets in central Mitte. This place is one of the major attractions for the shopping enthusiasts.

3. Museum Island
Museum Island

This place is listed in the UNESCO’s world heritage sites. It is the home to some of the important exhibition centers in the city. These include the Neues Museum, the Altes Museum, the Bode Museum, the Alte Nationalgalerie, the Pergamon Museum etc. This place has a vast collection of the things of the ancient past that reflect the culture and history of this place.

4. Berlin Zoo
Berlin Zoo

This zoo is centrally located and is the best destination for kids. Known to be the home of a wide range of animals, you can have a look at the wide species of animals here. It also has an aquarium having wide varieties of crocodiles and fishes.


For enjoying a comfortable stay in Berlin, you can make prior bookings in any of the hotels located in the city.
The Westin Grand
Most of them are affordable however, you will have to pay a good amount for those offering extra amenities. Some top choices in this regard include Rocco Forte Berlin, Arte Luise Kunsthotel Berlin, The Westin Grand etc.

Berlin is a perfect holiday destination and you can explore this city during your vacations to have ultimate excitement and fun.

Anguilla – An Ultimate And Adventurous Winter Break Through

Are you bored of remaining in your room because of the chilling winters? If yes, then this is the right time to break through from your home and visit an amazing place that offers winter sun and lots of fun and adventure. There are several places all round the world that have moderate temperature in winters but you need to select the one that offers activities and attractions of your area of interest. The top most name in the list while searching for such a happening holiday destination is Anguilla.
Situated is the most beautiful Caribbean region, this place boasts a good number of majestic beaches and thrilling water activities. This island destination is considered as the best for honeymooners as it is isolated and offers a perfect blend of romance, beaches, pampering, food, escapism and water sports.

Major Highlights of Anguilla

1. Rendezvous Bay
Rendezvous Bay

If you are looking for a beach that offers unending majestically beautiful landscapes and calmness, the Rendezvous Bay can be the best option for you. This place is the best for those who wish to stay away from the hustle and bustle of other beaches like Shoal bay. You can either relax in the smooth sand or enjoy the water activities like swimming.  You can also enjoy the music of the Dune here.

2. Moonsplash Music Festival
If you are visiting this place during mid March, you can be lucky enough to experience the live musical shows of the dune’s Preserve. The sounds of the music and rocking atmosphere will surely let you have ample fun which you would have never expected of your vacation.

3. Wallblake House
Wallblake House

If you like exploring the history, this place can be worth a visit. Listed among the oldest buildings on the island, it is the only place with standing plantation. All the things in here are well maintained and you will really enjoy a trip to this place.

4. Cheddie Richardson Carving Studio
This studio contains the masterpieces of the native Anguillans. The art works that are present here represent marvelous skills of the artists.

Blue Waters Beach Apartments

You can find a wide range of hotels offering a luxury stay to the visitors at attractive prices. There are various hotels located at the beach side providing you the sightseeing of exotic landscapes. Some of the top notch choices include Blue Waters Beach Apartments, Shoal Bay Villas, Carimar Beach Club and many more.

Anguilla is an exotic island destination that can provide the best time of your life times. Do plan a vacation to this place.

Christkindelsmärik, Strasbourg – A Traditional Christmas Market That Offers Several Delights

Christmas is approaching and the people in the European countries might have started looking for the best destination that can provide them long lasting Christmas memories. If you wish to experience something different this Christmas and enjoy the pomp and show during this special occasion, you can visit Strasbourg. This beautiful place in France is known for its outstanding Christmas celebrations that last for around one month.
The glittering Christmas markets, specially designed and crafted gifts, decorated houses and churches, special Christmas programs and much more awaits you this Christmas.


Christkindelsmärik is a traditional Christmas market in Strasbourg which is situated beside the Strasbourg Cathedral. This market is set up from 24 November and lasts till 24 December. This place is crowded with thousands of people from all round the world during Christmas time. The streets of the market have aromatic fragrance of spices, wine and cinnamon. It is the oldest Christmas markets in Europe. This year the market is expected to start from 29 November and remain till 31 December.

Here are some of the great events that can be enjoyed by you this Christmas by visiting Strasbourg.

The great Christmas tree at the cathedral
Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is the main charm during Christmas time. You will really be pleased to see the beautifully decorated and lighted Christmas tree near the cathedral. Most of the people from distant places come to appreciate the beauty and decorations of the cathedral. 

The skating Rink
The Skating Rink

In order to enjoy to the fullest, a skating rink is also made at the cathedral foot. This rink is a major delight for children. You can enjoy ice-skating in the rink during your vacations. 

The cathedral Square
The cathedral Square

It is the main church in Strasbourg that is worth a visit at the time of Christmas. The magnificent and terrific decorations will surely make you fall in love with it. Apart from appreciating the decorations, you can also join the choir and other celebrations carried out in the church and have a lovely Christmas evening.

Christmas parties
You can attend the various parties that are organized in the city at the Christmas night. Enjoy the feast with delicious cakes and tempting wines.

There is much more to explore in the Christkindelsmärik markets. A trip to this place at the time of Christmas will be a trip of your life time. So, make the necessary bookings and be the lucky one to have a great Christmas ahead.