Bennington – Explore The Rich Cultural Heritage On Your Honeymoon Trip

Bennington is a small town situated in the southern part of Vermont, United States.  This place is famous for its rich culture, natural beauty and picturesque landscapes of the trees turning from red to golden. All these attractive features make this place a perfect honeymoon destination for the newlyweds. Bennington Battle Monument is the tallest historical building of this place and a major attraction for the couples and the photographers.
The outstanding beauty of the forests and parks leaves you speechless. This place also offers the finest maple syrups in the world.

Reaching Bennington
Reaching this place is easy and comfortable. The closest airport which serves this place is in Albany.  The couples can reach this place through various airlines offering the service and then opt for buses or trains to reach in here.

Best time to visit
The month of September is considered to be the best time to visit this place. It is this time when there is a bloom in the gardens with the trees turning their leaves from red to golden. The scenic beauty in this month is awesome and the city is less crowded which offers couples to find isolated areas to spend quality time with each other without any disturbances.

Places to visit

1. The Bennington Battle Monument
The Bennington Battle Monument

It is one of the tallest monuments of this place and is a historic site which represents the famous battle fought at this place. Being the tallest building it attracts a large number of tourists. The couples can visit this place and get to know the history of Bennington.

2. Bennington Museum
The Bennington Museum is the home of the rich art and culture of this place. The museum carefully preserves the heritage of the city and the sculptures and paintings by some famous artists of Vermont. It also has a collection of the antique pottery made at this place.

3. Green mountains
Green mountains

The Green Mountains is the best known site for hiking. You can go hiking with your spouse on the slopes of these mountains which are covered with greenery. The trip would be adventurous and lots of fun.

Autumn Inn

Bennington offers the best services and lodging facilities for the couples. The newlyweds can easily find a romantic stay for themselves. The hotels proffer beautifully decorated rooms with balcony and spacious gardens. The locations of these hotels provide you an easy passage to the major attractions of this city. The best hotels include the Paradise Motor Inn and The Autumn Inn.

The beautiful places of Bennington from ponds to the rich cultural sites make it the best romantic destination for couples. Do plan your honeymoon trip to this place and have cherishing memories.

Caloundra - Enjoy Your Honeymoon In The Land Of Stunning Beaches

Honeymoon is considered to be a romantic holiday trip planned after marriage. It is the time in which every couple dreams of engaging themselves in moments of love and romance. Thus, the trip should be planned giving preferences to the liking of both partners. If you love nature and beaches and shining sandy beaches, Caloundra is a perfect destination for you. It is a land of versatility with a combination of six breaches.
Located on the Sunshine coast of Queensland, this beautiful city offers magnificent sightseeing, perfect climatic conditions and various activities. The beaches in this area include Bulcock Beach, Kings Beach, Shelly Beach, Currimundi beach Dicky beach and Moffat Beach. Each beach has its own charm and appreciable beauty.

Major attractions

1. The Headland walkway
The Headland walkway

This path offers a lovely walking pavement across Moffat Beach to King’s Beach. While walking with your partner you can have the pleasant views of the ocean and the Glass House Mountains. You can also get lucky enough to have amazing views of Blue Tongue Lizard lying in the sun.

2. Caloundra Eco Cruise
You can go for a cruise offered by the beach services and have sightseeing of some wonderful landscapes. This sightseeing includes the activities of the kite surfers, migration of the colorful birds, several beaches and beautiful resorts at the waterfront.

3. Ettamogah Pub
Ettamogah Pub

This pub is famous for its services and vibrant nightlife it offers to the guests.  You can have the pleasure of enjoying the country’s best humor and can also spot some cartoons inside it.

4. Currimundi Lake
It is an ideal place for the couples to have some fun. This place offers safe and sheltered place for boating, swimming and surfing. You can also view the high tides of the lake relaxing at the beach. Fishing is also a privilege for the guests where they can catch a fish and have fun.

Resting places
Moffat Beach Motel

There are lots of seaside resorts and hotels offering leisure amenities to the couples. The location of these hotels offers stunning landscapes and magnificent views of the marine life. Some of the fine destinations comprises of Wandalua Motel, Caloundra Suncourt Motel, Moffat Beach Motel, Pumicestone Blue and the Ocean Views Resort. All of these hotels are well suited for romance and fun.

The versatile location, sandy beaches and entertaining activities makes Caloundra a perfect destination for romance and love making. So, if you are willing to have a memorable honeymoon do plan a trip to this place and have loads of entertainment and fun.

A Fantastic Honeymoon Trip To The City Of Hampstead

Hampstead is a place centrally located in London with several attractive historical buildings and magnificent relaxing spaces of Hampstead Health. It is one of the most gorgeous hilltop hideaways and the scenic beauty between the High gate and the Hampstead village is stunning. With all these features the place serves as one of the best destinations for the couples.
This place is a wonderful mix of picturesque countryside, cosmopolitan shops and fabulous restaurants.Read this article carefully and you can easily find out the various astonishing features of this place where you can visit during your honeymoon trip.

Main Attractions

1. Hampstead Parish Church
Hampstead Parish Church

It is a lovely building which also consists of a graveyard. The place attracts a number of tourists as it contains the graves of some notable personalities such as Sir John Constable (artist), Kay Kendall (actress), Hugh Gaitskell and many other members of du Maurier Family.

2. Hampstead Health
This place is an amazing and beautiful wooded grassland area which offers a lot of open air. It is one of the largest urban parks of the world and a calm place. Here you can enjoy an early morning walk and feel fresh air in the park.

3. The Hampstead Heath
It is a large place consisting of some stunning adorable places. The major ones include the Bathing Ponds, The Golders Hill Park, The Hill Garden and Pergola and the Kenwood House. You can observe the beauty of the park which consists of various restored species of plants such as timber pergola. The place is also the home of various varieties of roses, clematis, honeysuckle and various wines.

4. The Waterlow Park
The Waterlow Park

It is considered to be a jewel amongst all the parks consisting of the stunning landscapes, mature trees, hills, a walled garden, tennis courts and playgrounds. You can have a romantic and quality time with your partner in the lap of nature.

Eating and lodging
Palm Hotel

The city offers good series of hotels suitable for almost all budgets. While on a honeymoon trip you can opt for a luxurious one equipped with all the facilities which make your trip fabulous. Some of the best hotels include Stead Hotel, Palm Hotel, Swiss Cottage Hotel and many more. These hotels also provide good dining facilities and you can also spot other restaurants best known for their specialties.

The several impressive features make this place as one of the best locations for your honeymoon. Make sure you plan a visit to Hampstead and have a rocking honeymoon.

A Fascinating Honeymoon Trip To The Charming Poitiers City

Honeymoon is the period offering lots of time to the couples in building a strong love bond. This is a wonderful time to visit a unique place and enjoy the pleasures offered by it. Mostly the couples prefer to select a destination which is commonly visited by their friend and relatives. But if you want to experience something different and out of track, you can visit Poitiers. Poitiers is a small charming city located in Poitou-Charentes in central France. The city has a strong influence of the medieval age with rich history. The major tourist attractions comprises of the ancient cathedrals and historic buildings which are worth exploring.
Poitiers City
The city offers an opportunity to the newlyweds to explore the history and hidden facts of this place during their honeymoon. Several beautiful gardens also offer the couples with a place to relax.

Reaching here
This place is mainly served by Poitier’s International Airport which offers regular services from London and Lyon. The flights from several other regions also land at this airport and provide a comfortable access to this place.

Major attractions

1. Baptistry of St. John 
This is one of the oldest cathedrals in the city which reflects the architecture of the 4th century. There is also a pool inside the building. You can visit this place and admire the unique work of the artists.

2. Futuroscope

This theme park ranks in the top most list after Disneyland. The main attraction and thrilling experience of this park is the octane movie shows in the futuristic building. You can go and enjoy the 3-D shows with your partner entering in the world of Nile and enjoy swimming with the whales.

3. Saintonge
This is a remarkable collection of the Romanesque churches dating back to 11th and 12th century. The amazing carved porches and spectacular stone work of the architects are worth praising.

4. A Corps, dance festival
A Corps, dance festival

This festival lasts for about a week and presents traditional dances by the established artists. This festival offers an opportunity to the couples to examine the creativity and enjoy the choreography of the artists from all over Europe and France.

Le Grand Hotel

This city offers several retreats for the honeymooning couples so that they can have a pleasant time with their partner. There are a wide range of luxurious hotels and resorts offering fine hospitality and eating facilities. The list of some best hotels includes Le Grand Hotel, Ibis Poitiers Sud, Hotel Central, Hotel de l'Europe and Campanile Poitiers.
Therefore, we can say that this city is packed with some amazing attractions with beautiful parks. So, do plan your honeymoon to Poitiers and have a romantic honeymoon.

A Romantic Honeymoon Tour At The Beaches Of Carlsbad

The City of Carlsbad, situated in Southern California is well known for its romantic beaches and laid – back environment. The city proffers long stretched serene beaches of about seven miles and is a famous spot for various recreational activities such as swimming, surfing, diving and picnicking.
These naturally beautiful beaches serve as the most romantic destinations for the newlyweds to enjoy their honeymoon. You can find a lot more here other than beaches like the national parks and historical museums.

A brief description is provided on a complete exciting visit to this place. Make sure you read it carefully for a best tour.

Major Attractions

1. The Flower Fields
Take yourself to the field of colors and experience the natural beauty of the hills covered with flowers. You can enjoy an open air tractor wagon ride across the fields with your spouse and feel the romance in the air. The place is full of stunning scenic beauty.

2. Carlsbad State Beach
Carlsbad State Beach

Located at the step of the Palomar Airport, is one of the finest beaches of the city. The couple can have an evening walk and even go for gliding along the cliffs having some adventure, as the beach is also facilitated with a glider port.

3. Carlsbad Museum
The Carlsbad Museum and Art center is a place which consists of a diverse collection of the south western art and culture. You can explore this place and focus on the regional history, modern and western arts and Native American art and culture. 

4. Living Desert State Park
The place is the residence of several native species of birds like the gigantic tom-turkey which are not so common to be spotted. You can enjoy a visit across the park enjoying the endless beauty and even view the gorgeous scenes of rock formation.

5. Carlsbad Mineral Water Spa
Carlsbad Mineral Water Spa

The place also offers a variety of spas centers, most of which provide massages, mud bath and beauty treatment. Having a spa in a calm room with petals of roses scattered around along with the lighted scented candles seems to be most romantic. The couples should surely go for this activity.

Honeymoon Accommodation
Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort

There is a wide range of lodging options available to the couples for their romantic and comfortable stay. Many villas, beach resorts and luxurious hotels can be spotted here suiting your budget. Casa Blanca Retreat, Rancho Valencia resort and Spa, Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort and Grand Pacific Palisades are some of the best hotels popular among couples. You can book any one of them and enjoy the elegant services offered by them.

The city of Carlsbad offers some of the best sights in USA. A visit to this place can deliver you some best experiences for your honeymoon. Get to this place and have loads of fun.