Explore The Untouched Beauty Of Tweed Heads During Your Honeymoon

Tweed Heads is a beautiful town located at the banks of the Tweed River. Situated next to Queensland border and adjacent to Twin towns of Coolangatta, this place an amazing tourist destination catering the needs of all. Heads is only a few miles away from the Gold Coast which offers several exciting activities to the visitors. The sub-tropical climate, bustling coasts, vibrant nightlife and the lush green rainforests makes this place a perfect destination for enjoying romance.
Tweed Heads
There is so much to explore in this region from diverse wildlife to Tweed Valley. This place also offers good accommodation facilities with some of the best eateries.

Get in
The Gold Coast Airport situated at a distance of few minutes offer several international and domestic flights to this place. The visitors can make booking in any of the airways and easily reach in here.

Places To Explore

1. Tweed Valley
Tweed Valley

This naturally wonderful place is blessed with some amazing attractions of Australia. The valley consists of the world heritage national parks, iconic Mount Warning and a prehistoric volcanic crater. The couples can go exploring the beautiful valley following the picturesque drives designed for sightseeing of the charming towns, rainforests, waterfalls and stunning art.

2. Minjungbal Aboriginal Museum
This museum is the store house of the ancient artifacts of the aborigines. You can reach this place following the designated pathways or take guided tours. This heritage site also constitutes some parts of the ceremonial Bora.

3. Springbrook

This historical site is nestled in between Tweed Heads and Lamington National park. This town is well known for its historic buildings and beautiful art galleries including a painting studio, potter’s gallery and a craft center.

4. Point Danger
Point Danger is situated besides the Captain Cook Memorial Lighthouse. The high peaks offer a fine walking trail along the Duranbah Beach with stunning views of the surfers exploring this paradise. 

Lodging And Eating
Tweed Ultima

There is a wide range of lodging facilities for the visitors with reasonable prices. Accommodation in this place ranges from luxurious five star hotels to medium range lodges. Some of the best hotels offering perfect romantic stays to the couples include Peppers Salt Resort & Spa, Mantra on Salt Beach, Tweed Ultima, Turtle Beach Resort, Jupiters Hotel & Casino Gold Coast. These hotels also offer the facilities of spa and massages to the couples.

This place is a natural paradise with diverse wildlife and amazing scenery. Romance is in the air of Tweed Heads. Thus, the couples can select this place for their honeymoon and gain cherishing memories.

Explore The History Of Hartford During Your Honeymoon Trip

Planning for a honeymoon trip is the most exciting thing for the couples. It the time period during which they relax and enjoy with each other. This time helps them in understanding their relationship and develops a strong love bond. Thus, it becomes necessary for them to select a suitable and romantic place for their honeymoon. Hartford, the capital city of Connecticut in USA is one such place which can be your dream destination.
This place offers beautiful landscapes, rich cultural heritage, amazing wildlife and various historical monuments. The city is also the center of some fine romantic places for accommodation as well as dining. This entire place has so much to offer, which can make your honeymoon everlasting.

Major attractions

1. Mystic Aquarium & Institute For Exploration
Mystic Aquarium

This aquarium is full of amazing water life exhibiting the exotic species of reefs and corals. The couples can enjoy the sightseeing of the sharks, stingrays and a wide variety of colorful fishes. They can also go exploring the institute and become the audience of the dolphin show which will leave you speechless.

2. Mark Twain House
This mansion is the birth place of the famous writer Mark Twain where he wrote his several famous novels. The house was built in 1874 in the Stick Victorian Style. You can opt for a guided tour to this place and attain the relevant information regarding this place and the interiors.

3. Elizabeth Park Rose Gardens
Elizabeth Park Rose Gardens

The Elizabeth Park Rose Gardens is a beautiful place featuring the meadows, water and the fields. The garden consists of the rose bushes in about half an acre and is famous all over the world. There is also a Pond House Cafe in the open areas of the garden which offers lunch and dinner.

Romantic Stays
Hartford offers some of the best romantic places for the newlyweds. The features of some of these hotels are described below.

Avon Old Farms hotel
This luxurious hotel is located in the city center and close to Mountain Science Center and offers special facilities to the newlyweds. The rooms in the hotels are large with big rooms and comfortable beds. The rooms are beautifully decorated with spacious balconies.

Simsbury Inn
Simsbury Inn

This romantic hotel is located close to the airport and consists of restaurants and bars which provide the best eating facilities. The couples can enjoy a vibrant nightlife in the clubs. The hotels also provide the facilities of swimming pools and events for the couples.

There are also some places where you can have a romantic dinner with your spouse. Some of the restaurants include Restaurant Bricco, Max’s Oyster Bar and The Elephant Trial Thai Restaurant.

This article highlights the various attractions of Hartford, for which you can plan your trip and have a fascinating journey.

Explore The Diverse City Of Cleveland During Your Honeymoon Tour

Cleveland is a beautiful city with diverse culture, top quality museums, thrilling amusement parks and lots of spots offering adventurous activities. This City is located on the banks of the Lake Erie in Cuyahoga, Ohio in USA. The location of the city offers amazing sightseeing and stunning landscapes with outstanding beaches making it the best place for a couple to enjoy their honeymoon.
This place has a quality atmosphere where newlyweds can feel romance in everything they do here. The major attractions of this place include the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the rolling stamp. Visiting this place is lots of fun and entertainment.

Get in
Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is the main airport in Ohio which serves as a connection to all major United States airlines. This airport offers flights all over the world and provides an easy access to the visitors. Akron-Canton Airport and Burke Lakefront Airport located in the downtown also serves Cleveland.

Things To Do And See

1. Sightseeing at the Cleveland Metroparks
Cleveland Metroparks

The Cleveland metroparks is an awesome place for walks, hikes and picnics. The couples can visit here and enjoy a picnic in between the beautiful landscapes. They can also go biking along the paths with flower blooms at the road sides.

2. Become an audience of the Cleveland Orchestra
The live orchestra organized at the Blossom music center is one of the world’s best known performances. You can enjoy the rocking performance by the band and also take the pleasure of the fireworks display at the end of the show.

3. Have a tour to the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame
Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame

As the name indicates this place is full of music and energy. You can feel the passion of music and even spot the best theatres with amazing architecture. The real joy lies in being a part of the live events organized in this place.

4. A romantic cruise on the Lake Erie
The couples can book a boat or take a tour and go on a romantic cruise. It is worth a pleasure watching the city from water and having a dinner with your spouse at the same time.

Hotel Renaissance

Romance will be at its peak if you book one of the best romantic stays offering all the required amenities. Some of the fine accommodations in this place include Hotel Embassy Suites, Hyatt Regency, Hotel Renaissance and Hotel Wyndham. These hotels proffer best services to their guests with fine restaurants and bars where the newlyweds can enjoy and have entertainment.

Making your honeymoon the most romantic and memorable is the dream of all. So, do visit Cleveland and make your dream come true.

Enjoy Your Honeymoon Exploring The Hidden Treasures And Adventures Of Dominica Island

Dominica Island is located in between The North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. This Caribbean island country is also called as the Nature Island of Caribbean due to its amazing natural wonders and picturesque scenic views. The unspoiled beauty, preserved culture, sparkling waterfalls, volcanic peaks and underwater springs make this place a paradise and perfect for romance. All these features provide the couples with an opportunity to relax in the lap of nature and spend some quality time with their partners.
Dominica Island
If you love adventures and thrill, this island country offers several exciting sites for hiking, diving and sightseeing. The lush rain forests and diverse wildlife can be explored by the visitors.

Reaching Dominica
Dominica is the home to two airports, Canefield and the Melville Hall Airport. Most of the international and commercial flights operate through the Melville Hall. The visitors can easily access this place through Antigua, San Juan, St. Maarten, Guadeloupe and other main Caribbean regions.

Major attractions

1. Dominica's Boiling Lake
Dominica's Boiling Lake

This lake is one of the largest lakes situated in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park which is a World Heritage site. This lake is situated on high hills and can be reached after a hiking of about three to four hours across the forests. The hiking through this area requires excellence and care due to the boiling grayish-blue waters of the lake. You can generally view dense white clouds of vapors above the boiling waters.

2. Middleham Falls
This 150 feet high fall can be reached after a hike through the tropical rainforests of the orchids and the ferns. This beautiful clear pool of cool water offers nice swimming options to the couples. They can also sit beside the lake and view the scenic natural beauty of the surroundings.

3. Exploring underwater Dominica
Exploring underwater Dominica

The underwater kingdom of Dominica is full of some natural jewels. The couples can explore this kingdom and have an encounter with dolphins, whales, sea turtles and other marine animals. This place also offers spectacular diving.

Natura Cabanas

The island offers some romantic gateways where the couples can relax and spend some quality time. The features of these hotels add to their romance providing an aromatic atmosphere well suited for this purpose. Some of the preferred destinations to stay comprises of the Sivory Punta Cana, Casa Colonial Beach and Spa, Natura Cabanas, Tortuga Bay and Excellence Punta Cana. These hotels are known in the country for their exotic services and special arrangements for the honeymooning couples. 

Thus, Dominica Island seems to be a perfect honeymoon destination offering its best to the visitors. The secluded beaches and the stunning natural wonders increase the level of intimacy among the couples. So, visit this place and have an outstanding honeymoon.

Enjoy Your Honeymoon In The Cathedral City Of Salisbury

Salisbury is located in the heart of West Country. It is considered as the second largest cathedral city situated in Wiltshire in England. It is also known as New Sarum. This city is full of amazing attractions like the Stonehenge which is a World Heritage Site, Salisbury Cathedral, Longleat and Stourhead gardens. There are a wide variety of beautiful gardens, stately homes, farm parks and museums which have won awards.
This diversity of this place makes it a perfect honeymoon destination for the couples.

Getting Here
This city is majorly served by two airports, the London Heathrow Airport and the London Gatwick Airport. Both these airports are situated a few miles away from this place and provide an easy access to the city of Salisbury. Some other regional airports include the Southampton Airport, Bristol International Airport and the Bournemouth Airport.

Things To Do And See
Salisbury Cathedral

• The couples can take part in the choral evensongs which are organized at the Salisbury Cathedral. This event is considered to be a great concert.
• You can go for a walk with your partner enjoying the magnificent views of the countryside from this city to the Old Sarum.
• You and your spouse can visit the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust's Langford Lakes Nature Reserve and explore the wildlife of that region enjoying the spectacular landscapes and watching the beautiful birds.
• Enjoy a romantic bike ride with your partner at the back seat across the beautiful routes of the countryside.
• A visit to a
Downtown Moot
Downtown Moot could prove to be romantic as you can sit beside the Avon River with your spouse and feel the natural beauty of the landscapes.

Accommodation and eating
Some of the best romantic accommodation sites include the Howard’s House Hotel and Beechfield House Hotel.

Howard’s House Hotel
It is a luxurious hotel which is a beautiful part of the amazing landscapes. It is a treasure of wildlife with secret gardens and fresh and fine food. The place is not equipped with modern pleasures then also due to its beautiful location is considered to be a romantic and comfortable staying.

Beechfield House Hotel
Beechfield House Hotel

It is located in between the beautiful attractions of the city, therefore considered a gem amongst all the hotels. The hotel offers traditional food, beautiful gardens and beautifully decorated rooms with facility of fire places and swimming pools. The hotel also organizes events for the couples in which they can participate and enjoy their evening.

In this article, we have discussed the various attractions of the city of Salisbury. You can also plan your trip to this place and have a romantic and wonderful honeymoon.