Amalfi Coasts – An Isolated Honeymoon Destination For Newlyweds

The newlywed couples generally look for an enticing destination for their honeymoon. Most of them prefer an isolated beach destination that provides them an opportunity to spend some intimate moments. This beautiful coast city offers amazing coastlines with sandy beaches, rocky promontories, deep ravines, towering cliffs, sheer cliffs, densely spread vineyards, olives grooves, lemons and beautiful and colorful villages. The blue sea waters beautifully surrounded by pine trees create a romantic environment for the couples to relax.
Amalfi Coasts
The couples can also enjoy a seaside dinner and spend some romantic moments by watching the stunning sunset and earning some cherishing moments for their lifetime. This small yet amazing honeymoon destination will prove to be the perfect choice for your honeymoon.

Get in
Reaching this place is easy as it is well connected by airways and the honeymooners can take a flight to the Naples that has an international airport. This airport is well connected with trains and buses and you can also hire a car to reach in here. Hiring a car provides you an opportunity to reach your destination enjoying the sightseeing of the marvelous landscapes and countryside.

Major sites to explore
The Amalfi Coasts is the home to several breathtaking sites that should be surely visited by you. Some of the major ones that should not be missed by you are as follows.

1. Positano

This beautiful place is also famous as The Vertical City. The most amazing fact of this city is that the buildings are situated at top most cliffs. It is really a paradise and you will get stunned to see such eye-catching views of the city as well as the sea.

2. Amalfi Town
This is another colorful and beautiful town that should not be missed by you. You can explore the history of this place and also climb the top cliffs and enjoy the sightseeing of the complete area. This small sea side town is full of natural delights.

3. Romantic sunset
Romantic sunset

Watching at the sun setting in the sea with your spouse can be the most intimate moment you might share with your partner. You can sit back at the sand and see the amazing view with the stars glittering in the sky.

Amalfi coasts is a seaside beach destination that also offers water activities like surfing and swimming. So, no matter you are looking forward to relax in peace or are willing to have some fun and adventure, there is everything that will make your trip a memorable one and help you express your love towards your partner.

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