Explore The Unspoiled Natural Beauty Of Nosy Be Island During Your Vacations

There are several Islands that are famous all over the world for their natural wonders and exciting activities but there might be very few people who might be knowing about the Nosy Be Island which is situated near Madagascar. To me more precise it is on the north-west coast of the Madagascar. Its superb location, tropical climate and easy access to the nearby islands make this place a preferred holiday destination.
Nosy Be Island
In the recent years, the tourism has increased to a great deal here and if you select this place for your vacations, you might be lucky enough to see the ylang bushes, rum distilleries, sugarcane plantations, lounging lemurs and have loads of fun at the beaches. Apart from exploring the great wildlife, you can also enjoy water activities like snorkeling, diving and swimming.

When To Go
Nosy Be has a damp, warm and tropical climate with rains at some times. If you wish to avoid the rainy season, you can visit this place in the months of November till March. However, the most preferred month to visit this place is May.

Places to visit

1. Beaches of Nosy Be
Baobab Beach

Among the several beaches that surround the small Island, Baobab Beach is the best one that can be explored by you. This place is accessible by boat and offers a perfect blend of lush green vegetation, white sandy beaches, baobab tress and sites of historical importance. Here, you can see a wide variety of wildlife including boas, chameleons, several bird species and lemurs. You can also enjoy the sightseeing of the migration of whales and dolphins.

2. Hell-Ville
This is a small town that can be explored by you on foot. You can find local stalls at the side of the roads and can also have fun at the sandy beaches around the place.

3. Cruises and boating
Cruises and boating

The authorities of the island also provide the facility of cruises and you can book one and travel around the nearby area and enjoy the sightseeing of the exotic scenery. Cruises are available in different packages and can easily be booked by you.

As far as accommodation is concerned, this small beautiful island offers some options which can be considered by you. These include Hotel Vanila, Nosy Lodge etc. 

Nosy Be is a small Island destination located near Madagascar and can be a place of wonderful experiences for you. You will surely get overwhelmed by your decision after completing your trip.

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