Fez – A Fascinating Holiday Trip To The Imperial City In Morocco

Fez, the largest city as well as the capital city of is one of the most visited holiday destinations over years. This capital city is an amazing destination that has beautifully preserved its tradition and culture and seems to be unchanged with time. If you are heading towards this city for your vacations, you will really not feel to get back.
A vibrant and a magical city awaits behind the beautiful ancient walls comprising of several sites that are listed in the UNESCO’s world heritage list. Apart from the attractions this place has to offer, the visitors will also get delighted with the delicious cuisine here.

Get In

This place is accessible via the international airport located in Morocco. You can easily take a flight to Morocco and get in here by either hiring a taxi or taking a bus. You can also hire a vehicle for your complete trip and visit your desired destination with a high level of comfort.

Major attractions

1. The Souks
The Souks

The visitors really love to visit an area that offers the traditional crafts and wares on display. The Souks is a marketplace which is the most loved and most visited place by the guests. Here you can find the magical themed genie lamps, colorful carpets, intricate jewelry and other luxury items that are designed in the city itself.

2. Fondouk el-Nejjarine
The most renowned building in Fez is this national monument that is under the list of UNESCO world heritage sites. This place comprises of a Wooden Museum that showcases the amazing works of the Moroccans wooden carvings. The delicate arches, elegant fountains and other displays reveal the craftsmanship of the artists of Morocco.

3. Borj Nord  and the Merenid Tombs
Borj Nord  and the Merenid Tombs

These are the two ancient medinas located in the city that are located on the hills and serve as the best place to enjoy the sightseeing of the complete city. You will surely love the panoramic views of the city from the hill top.

4. Royal palace
A visit to the royal palace can be an overwhelming experience for you. The beautifully built palace is really impressive with 7 gates having brass knockers. The built is amazing and boasts the architecture skills of the people of Morocco.

Riad Hala

Some top notch hotels where you can stay in Fez include Riad Hala, Riad Arabesque, Riad Verus etc.
Fez is an amazing holiday destination and awaits you for a mesmerizing holiday trip.

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