Ko Phi Phi Island - Plan Your Honeymoon To The Thailand’s Superstar Island

It is the dream of every newlywed couple to go for a honeymoon trip which results in life lasting memories. An island destination with stunning beaches, warm waters and scenic natural beauty offers a lot to such couples. One such superstar island is Ko Phi Phi located in Thailand. Due to its appearance in movies, this island is becoming famous among the honeymooners and the holidaymakers.
Ko Phi Phi Island
The island lies in between the sea and gives the presentation of a crown on the head of the sea. The sheer cliffs, dense jungles and affordable lodging and eating facilities make this place popular among the couples.

Reaching Ko Phi Phi
The Phuket International Airport is the major airport offering international and domestic flights from all the major regions. The couples can easily access this place and enjoy their honeymoon.

Things To Do And See

1. Visit Bamboo Island
Bamboo Island

The couples can visit the nearby Bamboo Island which boasts about the wonderful reef with fine golden sandy beaches. This remote and peaceful island offers a place where you can relax with your spouse and view the surrounding scenic beauty.

2. Fly over the island
The authorities of the island offer seaplane rides over the island. You can make booking for such a trip and enjoy the cool atmosphere of the island. A ride over this place offers spectacular scenery with amazing views of the mountains and the valleys.

3. Snorkeling with the sharks
Snorkeling with sharks

This activity offers you lots of thrill and adventure. You can go for swimming in the sea waters with your spouse and have an encounter with black tip reef sharks.

4. Camping On the Maya Bay
This is an organized which offers some wonderful camping at the Maya Bay. Camping also provides an opportunity to explore the dense forests and diverse flora and fauna of this region.

5. Walk to View Point
View Point Walk

The couples can go for a long walk in the evening. This walk starts from the main village strolling through the coconut trees and ends in the classic viewpoint.

The best hotels offering a comfortable and romantic stay to the couples comprises of Cabana Hotel, Holiday Inn Resort, Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort & Spa, Zeavola Resort, Phi Phi Paradise Pearl Resort and Phi Phi Palmtree Resort. You can select any one of these hotels for your accommodation and feel the comfort and romance during your trip.

So, if you are willing to have a great time with your spouse without any hindrance, you can plan your trip to Ko Phi Phi Island and have a great time.

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