Little Rock - USA’s Amazing And Romantic Honeymoon Destination

When planning for a romantic and fascinating honeymoon trip, the selection for the best suitable place is the basic decision to make. Little rock in USA is one such romantic destination which offers so much for the newlyweds. The city is full of diverse landscapes, history, rich culture, sports and luxurious accommodation facilities.
Little Rock
These features of this place will surely make your trip memorable and enhance each moment of your honeymoon trip. 

Reaching Little Rock
Little Rock National Airport is the main airport which serves this city. It receives scheduled flights from all over the world and provides tourists an easy access to this place. This airport is located a few minutes away from Clinton Presidential Library.

Major Attractions

1. Riverfest

The Riverfest festival is held at every weekend in the Riverfront Park. It is the premier arts festival of this city which exhibits the spectacular art works by some famous artists and ends by the stunning wireworks display on the river Arkansas. The couples can become a part of this festival and enjoy a lot.

2. The Old State House
It is located on the western side of Mississippi River and is the oldest historical building of the town. This building is now treated as a museum which displays the important exhibits of the past. The couples can visit this place and explore the important facts related to this city.

3. The Riverfront Park
The Riverfront Park

It is a beautiful park situated at the banks of the River Arkansas and is the site for rock formation after which the city is named “Little Rock”. This park is full of greenery and offers the most beautiful landscapes where you can sit with your spouse and either have a picnic or sightseeing.

4. Little Rock Zoo
The Little Rock Zoo is the home of the wild animals of this region. You can have the pleasure of watching some rare varieties of bears and lions in this zoo. The zoo also consists of a park area where you can sit and relax.

The Capital Hotel

This city offers various luxurious staying facilities. The best hotels providing perfect stay to the couples include the Peabody hotel, The Capital Hotel and The Empress. As far the dining facilities are concerned, the city offers some of the best dining facilities. The best restaurants include the Brave New Restaurant, Ferneau, Vieux Carre and Terrace On The Green.

In this article we have discussed the various important attractions of the city of Little Rock which makes it a perfect destination for honeymoon makers. So, plan your trip to this place and enjoy to your fullest.

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