Montpellier – A Honeymoon Destination Filled With Pomp And Show

Montpellier forms a major part of Languedoc-Roussillion city. Located in the southern west region of France, this is one of the most vibrant and bustling cities often overshadowed by the surrounding cities in the region. The city is renowned for its beauty, stunning architecture, and rich history and is the home to several cultural events and festivals. The festivals have different themes like music, dance and culture.
The sidewalk cafes and the shopping centers are one of the best in this city. All these features make it a perfect destination for couples offering all the pleasures of a romantic honeymoon.

Travelling to Montpellier
This city is mainly served by Montpellier Mediterranee Airport, previously known by the name of Frejorgues Airport. This airport is the home to several international and domestic flights from all over the world, making this place in the reach of all.

Major Attractions

1. Serre Amazonienne
Serre Amazonienne

This spectacular place is an appendix to the Montpellier’s Zoo. The Amazon rainforest is divided into parts by the humid hothouse. This zoo consists of several varieties of animals including the alligators and the Piranha. You can visit this place with your partner hand have some spectacular sightseeing of leopards, monkeys, Bolivian squirrel and bats. This second largest zoo of France is worth exploring.

2. Place de la Comedie
This square is the heart of the city and is considered as the main gathering venue of the town. This place offers several cafes and restaurants where you can sit and relax, really enjoying yourselves.

3. Mare Nostrum Aquarium
Mare Nostrum Aquarium

This aquarium offers a wonderful experience of the underwater kingdom. You can discover this place with your spouse having the several delights of the sea. In this superb aquarium, you can see Californian fishes. The aquarium gives you the feel of deep sea diving with the sunlight of the blue skies with glittering waters.

Accommodation and Eating
Vino Veritas

The city offers several attractive places for the couples where they can rest during their trip with the best amenities and the cuisine. There are numerous resorts and hotels located in the city offering a healthy environment for the couples. If we talk about eating, there are some fine restaurants and bars offering lots of charming and cozy facilities. The best recommended place to enjoy some delicious food is Vino Veritas, a restaurant as well as a bar offering tasty food and sixty different wines. The couples can come and relish in here. 

All the relevant information regarding Montpellier is covered in the above article. Read it carefully before planning your honeymoon to this place and enjoy an outstanding honeymoon trip.

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