Morocco – An Overwhelming Destination For Holidays

Located in the North Africa, Morocco is a destination that boasts a colorful environment with the fragrance of spices all around. It is a destination that comprises of several small cities like Fez, Meknes, Tangier etc. which are worth a visit during the holidays. It offers a blend of European and Berber tradition and culture and you will surely love exploring the tradition and culture of this country.
Apart from the landscapes and sceneries there are several monuments of historical importance that can be visited by you during your trip.

Get in
Morocco has an international airport which receives flights from several nations and hence is the best gateway to reach this place.

Major sites to visit

1. The Hammam
The Hammam

If you are willing to relax and get pampered, the hammam is the best place where you can go and enjoy a relaxing bath. Apart from the bath, you will also be provided an experienced staff for scrubbing and massaging the body.

2. Behemoth Medina 
Visiting a site that is listed under UNESCO World Heritage site can be a good experience. It is the Behemoth Medina which is beautifully preserved in the city of Fez. The complete area surrounding the Medina is car free and you can reach in here only on foot. Hence, the environment here is pollution free.

3. Sahara Desert
Sahara Desert

Spending some time in the Sahara desert can also provide you an opportunity to have fun. You can go exploring the Saharan sandscape which can also be referred to as the Merzouga. Another site that is worth exploring is the Erg Chebbi. The sand dunes here are amazing and the views are exotic which might never be seen by you.

4. Majorelle Gardens
Majorelle Gardens

Situated in Marrakech, the Majorelle gardens are home to several rare plant species that make the complete area colorful and peaceful. This garden was designed by Jacques Majorelle and offers a perfect place for relaxing in the lap of nature.

If you are looking forward to enjoy a traditional and luxury stay, you can prefer staying in the hotels in Riad which are mostly the forts and palaces converted into hotels. You will surely love the carvings on the walls and the beauty of the hotels. The guests are welcomed traditionally and offered the best services in the country. The loyal experience you will have is surely going to be an experience for the lifetime.

Morocco is an amazing place with hidden treasures which can be explored by you during your trip.

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