Mustique Island – Enjoy Your Honeymoon In The Best Kept Secret Of The Caribbean

Are you getting married and planning for your honeymoon trip? Are you confused in selecting a perfect destination for yourself? Then plan your honey trip to Mustique Island. This place is a wonderful secret of the Caribbean region. Not much known among the tourists this place has some amazing natural wonders which can be explored by you. The untouched beauty and the hidden treasures at this place need much more exploration.
Mustique Island
This is a private island located in the West Indies Region and is the land of several colored coral reefs. The friendly atmosphere and stunning beaches offer several recreational activities to the couples.

Reach Here
The easiest way to reach this private island is through taking flights to Barbados. The couples can also fly to Grenada and from there take the alternative flight and reach this place.

Major Attractions

1. Exploring the beaches

Mustique has in all nine beaches and all of them are breathtaking.  All of these beaches are different from each other in some respect. The stunning natural beauty and clean warm waters of the Caribbean also offer the opportunity of several water sports. You can go for swimming, diving or take a walk across the beach holding hands of your partner.

2. Get Pampered 
This unique island is the home to some extraordinary luxurious spas. The newlyweds can take a health retreat at the Cotton House Hotel which offers special facilities to the couples. 

3. Enjoy the vibrant nightlife
Water Holes

This island is home to some picturesque watering holes and provides a perfect break from the usual sandy beaches. The basil Bar is considered as the best place for experiencing the nightlife of this region. You can have the lobsters or taste the burgers with the reggae playing in the background.

Firefly Mustique

This private island consists of about 71 lodging facilities including the hotels, motels, lodges and apartments. There is a wide variety from which the couples can make their selection. All these hotels are best known for their services and fine dining facilities. There are some hotels also which offer the self catering services allowing the couples to have their privacy and enhance their romance. Some of the best romantic gateways include Cotton House, Firefly Mustique, Vero Beach Hotel & Spa - A Kimpton Hotel and the South Beach Place.

So, these were the main features presenting this place as an ultimate romantic destination. If you are on the verge of planning for a romantic trip do visit this place and explore the treasures of Mustique Island. 

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