Nevis – An Isolated And Peaceful Island Perfect For Honeymoon

Nevis is a quiet and peaceful small island and not much known among the tourists. This lonely island thus seems to be a perfect place for the couples willing to spend some time without any disturbances. The serene and green landscapes of this place are really the untouched pleasures of this island. This place is rich in architectural history which can be judged by the historic churches, windmills and buildings. The diverse fauna and flora of this place can offer you views of some exotic varieties of monkeys and scamper.
The island occupies a conical shape with the top most peak known as Nevis Peak. This peak is volcanic in nature and offers ultimate sightseeing of the whole island. 

Getting To This Place
This island has a small airport which receives domestic flights from the nearby regions.  The visitors have to take at least two flights to reach this place. The best option is to reach St. Kitts first and then take a ferry to this place. This journey would be lots of fun.

Major Attractions

1. The Botanical Gardens of Nevis
The Botanical Gardens of Nevis

This famous botanical garden lies to the south of Charlestown. This beautiful garden is located on seven acres of land featuring a diverse collection of stunning flowers, tropical plants and trees. This place is also divided into sub gardens each of which features an individual variety. You can spot the orchid gardens, cactus garden, rose garden along with the fountains and glittering ponds.

2. Beaches 
There are plenty of beaches which can be explored by the couples.  The most famous ones include the Nisbet Beach and the Pinneys Beach but there are few beaches which are less known and thus, are private, quiet and pristine.  These isolated beaches are the best for the couples where they can rest in peace with their spouse and enjoy the picturesque sunsets.

3. Nelson Museum
Nelson Museum

The Lord Horatio Nelson Museum is situated in Belle Vue. This museum is the home to vast collections of Nelson. There is an exhibition in the museum entitled as the Nevis in the time of nelson, which displays Nevis as it was in its past.

The Hermitage

There is nothing predictable about the accommodation facilities in Nevis. You can find some self catering lodges to historic plantation inns to a respectable award winning five star Resort. Thus, there are several nice staying facilities on this island. The hotels which can be taken into consideration include The Hermitage, Nisbet Plantation Beach Club and Oualie Beach Resort.

Thus, the above features of Nevis prove that it is a wonderful place with its unspoiled hidden beauty and stunning beaches. So, plan your honeymoon to this island and have romantic moments with your spouse.

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