Ontario – A Paradise With Stunning Natural Beauty

Holidays offer the most enjoyable moments of life with family and friends and hence it is necessary to select a destination that offers complete fun and entertainment. One such place full of amazing delight is Ontario. This place is the second largest place in Canada and is the home to the capital city of Canada, Ottawa. This place is beautifully surrounded by marvelous cities in which the Quebec City is at the east, Great lakes area in the south, Manitoba in the west and James Bay and Hudson in the North.
The natural beauty, timeless waterfalls, national parks and Canadian festivals offer a lot for enjoyment to the visitors.

How to reach
The Lester B. Pearson International Airport located in Mississauga is the only international airport that connects to place to all round the world. You can easily reach in here by booking tickets in a flight that is scheduled to this place. The city is well connected and you can easily explore it by bus, train or by hiring a car, the choice is all yours.

Major attractions

1. Algonquin Provincial Park
Algonquin Provincial Park

This national park is an inspiring place spread in about 7800 sq. miles. This beautiful place occupies dense forests and lakes and provides a habitat for a wide range of wild life including brook trout, bears, wolves, moose etc.  The visitors can go exploring this place on foot and can also enjoy relaxing in a resort that is located within the boundaries of the park.

2. Niagara Falls
This place is worth a visit by both the holiday makers as well as the honeymooners. This awe-inspiring location spurs in the natural energy and power in the individuals and provides you an opportunity to stay near nature and enjoy the chattering of the birds and exotic views of the free falling water.

3. Thousand Islands
Thousand Islands

If you love enjoying the amazing sightseeing at the beach, you can prefer visiting the St. Lawrence River which is lined with thousands of tree-filled islands. The blue waters of the river allow the visitors to enjoy the water activities like swimming, boating, scuba diving, fishing etc. you can also enjoy a guided tour through the place and explore the hidden treasures of the Island.

The best places where you can enjoy a comfortable stay during your holiday trip to Ontario include the Mercer Hall Inn, The Clarion Hotel & Suites Selby, The Blue Mountain and the Park Hyatt.

Ontario is a relishing place for holidays and apart from the several activities that you can enjoy here, you should not miss the Festivals that are really fun.

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