Porto Alegre – Enhance Your Love In The Romantic Atmosphere Of Brazil

When you are in a process of planning your honeymoon trip, there are many places which come to your mind. Finally you feel confused in selecting your destination, though you find several places offering ideal honeymoon retreats. But if you are looking for an outstanding location, it is none other than Brazil. Porto Alegra in Brazil is a capital city of Rio Grande do Sul. This place offers everything which makes a honeymoon complete with lots romantic atmosphere and friendly inhabitants. Love is in the air of this place.
Porto Alegre
The couples coming to this place have so many options to do from exploring the dense rainforests, enjoying the picturesque scenery of the city while boating to having the pleasures of the sunsets and several beach side activities. A honeymoon at this place is the most appropriate way to convey your love.

Reaching Here
Salgado Filho is an international Ariport situated 4.3 miles from Porto Alegre. This airport receives services from Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Foz do Iguacu, Curitiba, Cordoba, Montevideo and several other nations. It is also served from all main airlines of Brazil.

Major Attractions

1. Memorial do Rio Grande do Sul
Memorial do Rio Grande do Sul

This museum is one of the most populous destinations in this city. It consists of a collection of the outstanding work done by gaúcho artists. Special exhibitions based on travelling are also on display including some impressive landscapes from the nineties. The couples can visit this place and admire the work of the local artists.

2. Moinhos de Vento Park 
This beautiful park is a great place for walking and relaxing. Spread in a very large area this park also consists of a soccer field, bowl field, tennis court, gymnasium and skating tracks. You can visit this place and play some active games with your spouse. The pond present in the premises also offers a chance to play with the turtles and ducks.

3. Watch the sunset
Sunset View at River Guaiba

The most suggested place to have an amazing and romantic sunset view is from river Guaiba. The whole place is filled with golden rays as the sun starts setting in the sea. This is the most romantic moment which you can share with your partner.

Estalagem St. Hubertus

This place is filled with some best hotels and resorts offers romantic environment to the couples. There are all the amenities which are essential for a honeymooning couple and hence provide them a chance to increase their intimacy and build a strong relationship. Copacabana Palace and Estalagem St. Hubertus are the most preferred hotels by the couples for a stay.

In this article, all the necessary information regarding Porto Alegre is covered which might be required by you while planning your honey. Read this article once and have the most cherishing moments with your partner.

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