Rio Grande Do Norte – A Holiday Destination With A Difference

Rio Grande do Norte, a northeastern state located in Brazil is a place filled with natural wonders. It is also known as the Great Northern River and is one of the most populous cities in the country. The capital city Natal, also called as the City of Sun is the major destination that attracts thousands of visitors to this place round the year. Blessed with amazing natural delights, this place is not only a perfect place for fun but it also offers peaceful beaches for resting.
Rio Grande Do Norte
The rich culture, white sandy beaches, preserved forests, historical monuments, sweet water lagoons, archeological sites, amusement parks etc. make this place an amazing destination for holidays.

Get In
The tourists can reach this place via Salgado Filho Airoport located in Porto Alegre. Mostly the international flights operate from the international airports located in Sao Paulo and Rio.

Sites to visit

1. Dunas Park
Dunas Park 

Commonly known by the name of Parque das Dunas, this park is spread in about 1172 hectares and acts as a reserve for dunes and forests. Located in the city heart, this place is the largest urban park raking at second position in Brazil.

2. Morro do Careca
This place is located in Natal and is known for its amazing combination of greenery, dunes, mountains and sea. This beautiful place is located near a small village Ponta Negra which is mainly a fishing village. The visitors can either go exploring this village or can enjoy the beach activities and relax in the sun.

3. Natal City Park
Natal City Park

This amazingly beautiful park is spread in an area of about 64 hectares and was designed with the main aim of environment preservation. This park comprises of jogging lanes, eco trails, orchidarium, library, auditorium and a central tower which is taken as the memorial of city.

4. Redinha Beach
This beach is a highly active one with lots of visitors that come here to enjoy the several water activities. There are some who also enjoy relaxing in the smooth sand on the beaches.

Ocean Palace Hotel

The state of Rio Grande do Norte offers the best hospitality to the visitors with some top notch hotels that are known for their services. The hotels that top the list include Ocean Palace Hotel, Pousada Toca Da Coruja and L'Hotel.

There is so much to be enjoyed in the city of Rio Grande do Norte and the visitors can really have a leisure time here during their holidays.

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