Saint Martin Island – An Amazing Combination Of Sea, Sky And Sand

An isolated island region with stunning natural beauty and beautiful landscapes seems to be a perfect place for enhancing the level of romance. Such a place results in developing a strong bond of love among the newlywed couples. To have an extreme level of fun including some adventures, the couples can plan their honeymoon to Saint Martin Island. This small island is famous for its outstanding 37 beaches, wonderful sightseeing, several recreational activities and bars and cafes offering good dishes and frozen cocktails.
Saint Martin Island
The Orient Bay is the major attraction of this place consisting of an underwater marine reserve and this spot is well known for snorkeling and other water related activities.

Reaching Saint Martin
Princess Juliana International Airport is the largest airport on the island and considered as one of the busiest airport of the Caribbean. The tourists can avail other inter island services through the airport located at the grand Case.

Places to explore

1. Saint Maarten Zoo
Saint Maarten Zoo

This park is one of the largest parks located on the island. There are a wide variety of animals residing in this zoo. The diverse wildlife can be explored by the couples either by going for a safari or on foot. The specialty of this place is that no animals in this zoo are kept in cages. The several residents in this place are capybaras, peccaries, baboons, ocelots and some endangered species of Golden Lion.

2. Butterfly Farm
This beautiful farm is situated near the Orient Beach and is worth a visit. You can enjoy the transformation of the caterpillars into colorful butterflies. The beauty of this garden is outstanding with little ponds and waterfalls with some rare varieties of butterflies. There are some open spaces allowing the couples to relax and enjoy the scenic beauty of this place.

3. Pic Paradis
Pic Paradis

This mountain peak is one of the highest peaks of this island. You can enjoy a stroll across the Loterie Farm exploring its special sites and learning the history of St. Martin.

A comfortable stay is a basic requirement during a trip. So, the couples can make prior booking in the hotels to avoid any kind of hurdle. It requires some research so that the couples can find a best hotel offering the romantic atmosphere with all sorts of comforts. Some of the best romantic gateways on this island comprises of Le Petit Hotel, Hotel L'Esplanade, Turquoise Shell Inn, Princess Heights and Sol Hotel.

St. Kitts Island offers a remarkable romantic package to the couples. So explore this island without missing any of the attractions.

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