Salvador - Exotic Excitement Awaits On Your Honeymoon

Salvador is the capital city of Bahia in Brazil. It has a charming old city which is considered as a World Heritage Site. The city is known for its traditions, vibrant music and popular Carnivals. There are lots of excitements, this city offers to its guests. With numerous fine attractions and activities to choose from, you can feel the pleasure of visiting this place. The Brazilian culture and its traditional cuisine, mainly the spicy sea food is the major attraction of the tourists.
This place also offers several romantic delights for the newlywed couples. The sandy beaches and the friendly atmosphere always welcome the couples with open arms.

Reaching here
The Deputado Luis Eduardo Magalhaes International Airport is the main airport serving this place. All the major international and domestic commercial planes land at this airport providing the tourists a facility to easily visit this place.

Places To Explore

1. Jorge Amado Museum
Jorge Amado Museum

This most prominent attraction is a must visit site. Once considered as the residence of Casa do Jorje Amado, a Brazilian writer, this museum exhibits a huge collection of this writer. At the bottom level, there is a store of his books which displays his contribution I the field of literature.

2. The Cranival
The Carnival is one of the most exciting events of this town. This celebration comprises of parades, music, entertainment, dances and much more. The couples can join this festival and have lots of fun. The Brazil carnival is famous all over the world for its unique cultural displays.

3. Sunset at Farol de Barra
Sunset at Farol de Barra

This lighthouse stands at the meeting point of the Atlantic Ocean and the Bahia de Todos os Santos. From this point you can enjoy the romantic moment of an unobstructed sunset with your spouse.

4. Our Lady of the Rosary of Black People
This site is amazing due to its beautiful architecture and style. This place is one of the oldest church build by the blacks of the city. This site is worth a visit where you can visit.

Aram Yami Hotel

There are a wide range of hotels present in this city. The honeymooning couples can easily find a place to stay which offers the best delights. Most of the luxurious hotels provide the facilities of swimming pools and Jacuzzis. You can also spot some seaside resorts, offering stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. The best ones you can look forward comprise of Hotel Casa do Amarelindo, Aram Yami Hotel, Villa Bahia, Pousada Casa Vila Bela and Aguas Brasil Villa Retreat Hotel.

The above article points out the several features and attractions of Salvador. This article would be a great help to you, if you are planning your honeymoon to this place. Visit this place and have lots of fun.

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