St. Kitts Island – Discover The Unspoiled Beauty Of This Island On Your Honeymoon Trip

Honeymoon is an ultimate romantic trip undertaken by the couples to develop a strong bond between them. Therefore, it is necessary to select a place which offers several delights to the couples. The thought of selecting an island destination is a great idea. St. Kitts Island can be a perfect destination for you. Located in the West Indies this Caribbean Island is known for its intoxicating beauty, warm waters, sunny skies and long stretched sandy beaches.
St. Kitts Island 
The dramatic scenery and the charming culture of this island offer an awesome place to relax and have some intimate experiences. The volcanic mountain peaks attracts the attractions of the visitors.

Reaching St. Kitts
The tourists from Canada, United States, United Kingdom and rest of Europe offer a wide range of scheduled flights to this island. There is also a facility of charter planes which can be used by the tourists.

Places to Explore

1. Shadwell Great House
Shadwell Great House

This great house was built in the eighteenth century by Gilbert Fleming.  This house reflects some great architecture and the historical traditions and culture. The couples can visit this place and get to know the traditions of the natives.

2. White House Bay
The White House Bay provides shelter to the colorful rocky reefs. This place is of utmost importance for the ones who love adventures and fun. The tugboat at the harbors offers an opportunity for snorkeling. This place is one of the best spots for swimming with the colorful fishes of this region.

3. Bird Watching
This island is blessed with some beautiful myriad of ecosystems consisting of diverse wildlife and lots of things to do. From the oceans to the forests there are several hidden treasures in this place satisfying the requirements of everyone. The couples can have the pleasure of seeing the habitat of exotic species of birds. They can even get the photos of these wonderful habitats.

Outdoor Activities

The stunning beaches and the warm waters of this region offer several sporting options to the couples. The couples can play volleyball at the sandy beaches or go for swimming, boating, snorkeling, deep sea diving and fishing. Every activity offers full excitement and thrills.

Ocean Terrace Inn

A romantic stay with best cuisine makes the trip complete and everlasting. St. Kitts Island has a plethora of lodging facilities from five star luxurious hotels to award winning lodges and motels. The list of some best hotel includes Ottley's Plantation Inn, Timothy Beach Resort, Island Paradise Beach Village, Ocean Terrace Inn and St. Kitts Marriott Resort & the Royal Beach Casino.

The amazing attractions of St. Kitts offer a remarkable honeymoon to the couples. Do plan your honeymoon to this place and have an ultimate romantic tour.

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