An Adventurous Trip To Interlaken – A Destination Amazingly Nestled In The Mountains

Interlaken, a small city located in Bernese Oberland is an outstanding place to have fun and adventure. This vacation destination is an ideal place for those who love adventure as the sporting options here are amazing. The various sports that can be enjoyed by the visitors here include ski lifts, hiking, chair lifts, excursions etc.
Apart from the adventure, you can also enjoy the sightseeing of the mountains in the backdrops like Eiger, Jungfrau and Mönch. This city is crowded in all seasons by the adventure lovers.

Get in

This small but amazingly beautiful city is well connected to all the main cities of Switzerland including Luzern, Geneva, Zurich, Berne and Basel via railways. The tourists can reach Switzerland by airways and take a bus or train to get into this small city where several wonders await you.

Major attractions

1. Adventure sports
This place offers a complete bunch of sports that can trigger the adrenaline rush in your body. Some of the adventure that you can enjoy here includes paragliding, bungee jumping, hand gliding, river rafting, and rock climbing. There are some dangerous hiking trails also which can be explored by you.

2. Sledging

If you are ready to take up this challenging task, you can take up the gondola and reach Faulhorn. You can take a sledge here and enjoy sledging taking the amazing views of the Mountains and Alps.

3. Skiing
This is another wonderful sport that you can enjoy during your trip. Apart from the skiing facilities in day, you can also enjoy them during the night time.

4. St. Beatus Caves 
St. Beatus Caves

Apart from adventure, there is much more that can be explored by you and one such exciting place is the St. Beatus caves. These limestone caves boast of impressive hallways, stalagmites and stunning waterfalls. You can either explore this region on foot or hire a bus as per your comfort.

5. Hoheweg Green area
This green area runs between the Ost Railway station and the Interlaken West. You will enjoy walking at this place with the greenery all around and magnificent views of the snow-covered mountain Jungfrau.

Hotel Interlaken

There are a wide range of options available to the visitors for enjoying a comfortable stay. You can easily find a hotel here irrespective of your budget. The hotels that stand at the top notch list include Hotel Interlaken, City Oberland Swiss Q Hotel, Grand Hotel Victoria-Jungfrau, Lindner Grand Hotel Beau Rivage etc.

Interlaken is an amazing place for adventure lovers, however, there are several other impressive spots that are worth visiting.

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