Bern – A Simply Grand Destination With Delightful Attractions

An amazing destination that is beautifully created by winding turns of the Aare river and attracts innumerable visitors towards it from all round the globe is Bern. This place not only holds the honor of being the capital city of Switzerland but it is also known for its amazing tourist attractions that allow the visitors to have lots of fun and entertainment.
The spread arcades lining with fountains, liven up streets, clock towers, the Old Town, ancient architecture and a bunch of activities available in this place makes it one of the top holiday destinations.

Get In

Bern-Belp international airport situated in the city offers international flights from different locations allowing the guests to reach in here easily. This small international airport is also connected to the Zurich Airport and makes it easier for the visitors to travel from one destination to another.

Places to explore

1. Berne Historical Museum
Berne Historical Museum

This museum is ranked as the second largest museum in Switzerland and beautifully preserves the ethnographic collections. A visit to this place provides the history buffs an opportunity to explore the history of this place by having a look at the artifacts and other collectives.

2. Bear Park
If you wish to experience something exciting, you should surely head towards the bear park. The amazing views of the bears and their cubs can be captured here. There is a river as well as cave for the bears where they can enjoy and have fun. You can also spend some fun time with your family and children by visiting this park.

3. Gurtenfestival

If you are a music enthusiast, you can become a part of this festival. This opern air festival is hosted on the top of the Gurten hill and provides you an opportunity to enjoy the art work of artists from different nations.

4. Heiliggeistkirche
Also known by the name of Church of the Holy Ghost, this ancient church dates back to the 18th century. It is an important site of Swiss Heritage and showcases a unique architecture that is really impressive.

Hotel Allegro

No mater you are looking for a luxury hotel or a mid-range hotel, the list is huge. You can perform your research and select the one that meets your requirements. Some top notch options in hotels include Bellevue Palace Bern, Hotel Allegro, Hotel Schweizerhof, Holiday Inn Bern-Westside etc.

Bern is an amazing destination offering so much to be explored during the holidays. After reaching this place, you will surely not be willing to leave it.

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  1. Bern offers a variety of amazing and historical sights to see. I have been visited this region a month ago before my nyc niagara tours with my family. Botanic garden is one of my favorite attractions there. This garden contains a big selection of alpine plants as well as from Asia and North America.