Florence – An Artistically Beautiful City Ideal For Vacations

If you area an individual who appreciates art and loves exploring the architecture that dates back to centuries, Florence can be an ultimate destination worth exploring for these vacations. This beautiful city boasts of architectural wonders with several quintessential attractions that are located in the city in the form of artistically designed churches and elegant buildings.
There are several attractions in this place that are really impressive and stunning. The nearby cities like San Gimignano are also worth visiting during your visit.

Get in
Reaching Florence is very simple. The visitors can take a flight to the Florence's Amerigo Vespucci international airport and reach the city within 15 minutes by taking a bus or taxi. The airport is located close to the city and provides easy access to Florence and nearby tourist destinations to global visitors.

Sights to visit

1. The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore
The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore

This church is one of the most ancient churches located in the city and is considered as one of the amazing piece of Italian architecture. The dome which is the major attraction of this place was designed by Brunelleschi and also showcases a stunning tower known as the Giotto’s tower.

2. Pitti Palace
Pitti Palace is located at the southern bank of Arno and can be looked upon as a museum that has a collection of a reputed medici family. It also comprises of a Boboli garden that makes the place an ideal one for a walk.

3. Baptistery

This place is known for its bronze doors that were designed by Andrea Pisano and Lorenzo Ghiberti in 14 and 15 century. The beautiful interiors with mosaics are the only ones that date back to medieval age in the city.

4. Gucci Museum

This museum was recently developed and is located in the Piazza Signoria. This museum is a perfect place to have fun and enjoyment. This place is perfect for the fashionistas who love explored the exploring the brand. The museum houses a great variety of things from the house of Gucci that are not only available for exhibition but also for sale. Here you can also get access to vintage items for sale.

Grand Hotel Cavour

The accommodation options available in the city include luxury hotels as well as hotels in mid-range. The top notch preferences here include Grand Hotel Cavour, Grand Hotel Adriatico Firenze, Hotel Balcony etc.

Florence is a historical place with amazing architecture and the visitors can surely have loads of fun during their visit to this place.

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