Lagos – A Gem Located In The City Of Algarve

Lagos is an amazing destination for holidays offering a perfect blend of landscapes, thrilling activities, historical monuments, intricate architecture and much more that offers complete entertainment to the visitors. It is due to the amazing delights of this beautiful place that people from all round the world visit this place. This place is considered as a jewel in Portugal located in the city of Algarve.
The rate of tourism is increasing to a great deal here and hence the facilities and comforts offered to the people will please you. This small seaside city has amazingly stored innumerable gems in it which can be explored by the tourists during their visit. This place has something special for almost all the tourists visiting this place.

Get in
As Lagos is a small city, it does not have an international airport where the visitors can land. However, there is an airport named as Faro that offers access to this place. This airport is located at a distance of 75kms and the visitors can reach their destination via bus or train.

Major attractions

1. Zoo Lagos
Zoo Lagos

This zoo is an amazing place to have fun with the family members. There are a wide species of animals in this zoo along with a petting farm where you can feed your favorite animal. A visit to this place will surely make your day outstanding.

2. Praia da Batata
If you love beaches, you can visit this beautiful beach that boasts of long stretched coastlines and pathways for enjoying a walk. You can also climb the cliffs and have some adventure. The top of the cliffs offer an amazing sightseeing of the panoramic views of the area. Apart from this, there are several other beaches that offer additional water activities like swimming, water skiing and boating.

3. Dolphin Tours
Dolphin Tours

Have you ever dreamt of watching the dolphins swimming just next to you? You can make your dream come true by going for the dolphin tours offered by the tourism center in the city. The tours are really amazing.

Hotel Dom Manuel I

With the increasing importance of tourism in this small city, several luxuries as well as mid-sized hotels have been developed in the city. These include Hotel Dom Manuel I, Solar De Mos Hotel, Uma Casa à Beira Sol etc.

Lagos is a small beautiful town that has an historical importance with an old town presenting the history and culture of this place. Apart from this, the several fun places and beaches make this place worth a visit.

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