Lucerne – A German Town With Amazing Hot Spots

The picturesque town of Lucerne is located in the North Western part of Switzerland. This is a German populated town is located near Lake Lucerne with a perfect backdrop of Mount Pilatus. Lucerne is a centre point to Mount Titlis as well as Mount Pilatus.
This idyllic town can be explored on the feet. From cheese factories in the neighbouring towns to the museums and monuments, and the sight of the undulating Swiss Alps, the Mount Pilatus, Lucerne is a host to various places, and tourist spots, making it one of the best holiday destinations.

Getting there

Lucerne has best connectivity in terms of train and road. The Lucerne railway station is located in the Town square links Lucerne to all the major towns of Switzerland.  A lot of busses ply within the city with excellent connectivity to each part of the town. Zurich International airport is 1 ½ hours travel from Lucerne and the well developed roads offer great connectivity too for your best holiday destination.

Places of interest

1. Mount Titlis
Mount Titlis

Journey to Mount Titlis from Lucerne takes about an hour in the train and runs along the most picturesque countryside of Switzerland. A cable car, and then a Rot air takes you to the midst of the glacier. The view and experience is simply breath taking.

2. Lucerne Bridge also known as the Chapel Bridge
It is the most important landmarks of Lucerne. It is the wooden pedestrian bridge connecting the east and the west banks.  One can find some of the original paintings mounted on the wooden frames on the ceiling which speaks about the history of the town itself.

3. Mount Pilatus
Mount Pilatus

Lucerne is a gateway to the Swiss Alps. Mount Pilatus is located close to Lucerne and can be reached by train that connects Lucerne to Obwalden. The summit can be reached by Pilatus train which is also the steepest cogwheel train too.

4. Lion Monument
It was built in commemoration to the Swiss war soldiers who were massacred during the French revolution. The sculpture of the mortally wounded lion is a storyteller of the past.

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The quaint little town of Lucerne offers an idyllic setting for travellers who want to explore the best holiday destination.  From museums to concert halls, Chocolate shops to cheese factories, it is every gourmet’s, every visitor’s paradise on earth.


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