Lugano – An Evergreen Holiday Destination With World Class Parks And Rich History

Switzerland is one of the dream holiday destinations for many but if you are particularly looking for a destination where you can spend some quality time with your family and friends, you can visit Lugano. Lugano is the major tourist hub located in the city of Ticino and has an important position in the banking industry. Located on the Lake Lugano with mountains in the backdrop, this place offers splendid view points for the tourists.
On a trip to this place, you can explore the buildings designed in Italianate Lombardy fashion, enjoy the sightseeing of mountains and lakes and explore the history of this place by visiting the top notch museums. You can enjoy several events also by visiting this place in the spring season.

How to reach

Airways is the best option that allows the backpackers to visit this place comfortably. The Lugano-Agno airport is well linked to different international airports in different parts of the world and offers flights to this place.

Major attractions

1. Parco Civico
Parco Civico

Located in the north of the town, this park is known for its amazing beauty and unmatched lakefronts. The blooming flowers, wonderful flowerbeds, colorful landscape and stunning mountain views make this place worth a visit. The rise colored villa situated in the park is worth exploring. You can have fun with your family by enjoying a picnic or get into activities like tree climbing etc.

2. The Alprose Chocolate Museum
The people who love eating chocolates and wish to taste some exotic varieties can visit this museum. This museum presents the history of chocolate development in the country. Apart from collecting information regarding this Swiss tradition, you can sample some chocolates also.

3. Swiss miniature
Swiss miniature

As the name suggests, this place is a miniature of the beautiful Switzerland showcasing all the important and famous things of the country. This miniature garden comprises of about 1500 species of plants with over 15000 different flowers. The place beautifully showcases models of patrician house, cathedrals, castles and several other buildings in the country. The model also depicts the well connected railways in the country.

Hôtel Parco Paradiso

The top ranking hotels in Lugano include Hotel Lugano Dante Center, Hôtel Parco Paradiso, Hotel Splendide Royal, Albergo Eden SA Paradiso etc.

Lugano is a prime part of the tourist hot spot Ticino and deserves a visit. If you are visiting Switzerland in your upcoming holidays, this place can be the best destination for you.

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  1. Swiss miniature reminds me of Madurodam in the Netherlands. I love to explore such places as I can see what the whole country or city has to offer!