Manarola – A Charm Old Town Nestled In Italian Riviera

Manarola is a beautiful small town located in the Cinque Terre and is commonly known as the Five Lands. This beautiful fishing village is known for its hidden treasures and untouched beauty. The cluster of nearby villages and mountains in the backdrop make this place one of the most picturesque sites offering panoramic views of both the land and the sea.
This place provides an opportunity to the visitors to enjoy amazing sightseeing of the vineyards and also enjoy glorious sunbathing. You can also enjoy tasting some amazing wine in the lush vegetation.

Reaching here

Manarola is well connected to the other cities in Italy via trains and buses and the tourists can take a bus or train to reach in here. You can land in Italy on any of the international airports and then reach this picturesque place.

Major attractions

1. The Sanctuaries path
The Sanctuaries path

If you are looking forward to relax in a peaceful environment enjoying some picturesque beauty, you can visit the sanctuaries path. Apart from the lush green vegetation, these sanctuaries also have a historical importance. The path covers wonderful territories and includes the sanctuaries like Nostra Signora di Montenero in Riomaggiore, in Corniglia, Nostra Signora di Soviore, Nostra Signora di etc.

2. Church of San Lorenzo
This amazingly designed church is located in the higher part of the town. Designed in a Gothic style, this beautiful church showcases baroque interiors and 3 beautiful naves. This place is worth a visit and you can notice the ancient carvings on the walls.

3. White Bell Tower
White Bell Tower

The white bell tower is an ancient tower that dates back to centuries. The huge tower was once used as a watch tower and is worth a visit.

4. Hiking through the region
If you wish to have a view of the cluster of the five villages in the Mediterranean Sea, you can go hiking the village and reach the top most position in the city. Hiking through the rocky Italian Riviera is adventure and the views from the top notch position of the city are marvelous.

Doria Park Hotel

Manarola is though a small village, the accommodation options here are comparatively great. You can easily find some hotels offering great hospitality to the visitors. Some great options that can be considered by you include Locanda dalla Compagnia, Doria Park Hotel, Hotel la Zorza, Da Baranin and Luna Di Marzo etc.

Manarola is an amazing village with natural wonders that have the capability to make your holidays a pleasant experience.

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