Pompeii – A City Preserved In Volcanic Eruptions

Italy is a magnificent place with so many destinations that are perfectly suitable for vacations. Apart from the places like Manarola, Florence, Siena etc. that are already known for their tourist hot spots, another outstanding place that can be explored by you is Pompeii. Pompeii is a well preserved city that will amaze you to a great deal. The city is amazingly preserved in time due to the volcanic eruptions that occurred in 79 AD.
Located near the city of Naples, the excavation of this place has brought up several amazing facts that you can explore during your visit. If you wish to enjoy the fascinating insight of Ancient Roman empire, you can walk across the streets of Pompeii.

Get in
There are several ways in which the tourists can reach this place. The trains and buses are well linked to this place from different locations like Rome, Naples and Sorrento and visitors can easily get in here.

Major attractions

1. The amphitheatre
The amphitheatre

Located at the eastern part of the excavated land, this amphitheater is located close to Sarno Gate entrance. This place had the capacity to accommodate around 20,000 people and was developed in 80BC. It is the only surviving amphitheater in the country and has carefully preserved the remains of the Roman Empire including the traces of wild animals.

2. Temple of Apollo
Located in the northern part of Basilica, this temple is one of the oldest temples located discovered at the time of excavation.  It comprises of the Etruscan items that date back to the 575 BC. 

3. Baths

If you are interested in having a look at the royal bathing areas, there are several baths that can explored by you. Most of these baths represent the ancient Roman architecture which was preserved with time. The central baths as well as the Forum baths are worth exploring. Another impressive bath area with interesting decorations includes the Stabian baths.

Hotel Pompei Resort

With the increasing popularity of Pompeii as a holiday destination, the options for staying have increased to a great deal. Some great options include Hotel Diana Pompei, Forum Hotel Pompei, Hotel Pompei Resort, Albergo Pompei Valley etc.

Pompeii is a place that offers innumerable sights for exploration. The ancient buildings boasting the Roman architecture, mythological characters, master pieces and beautifully preserved paintings and people are some of the best sights that should not be missed you.

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