Ticino – Feel The Touch Of Italy In Switzerland

Switzerland is the dream holiday destination for millions of people in the world. This wonderful place with magnificent landscapes and adventurous activities offer more than expected to the visitors. If you are visiting Switzerland this year during your holidays, a beautiful place that you should not miss is Ticino. The snow covered mountain peaks, palm trees, long stretched beaches and various festivals organized here attract the attention of several tourists to this place.
The best thing about this destination is that it possesses an Italian touch. The nearby cities like Lugano and Lucerne can also be covered during your trip to this place.

Reaching here

Lugano-Agno airport is the main airport that offers a gateway to this wonderful natural wonder. If you wish to enjoy the sightseeing of the amazing views of the city you can opt a public transport and reach your destination enjoying the panoramic views.

Major attractions

1. Nara

This place is known as the major hotspot for skiing and is located at the top notch point between the Leventina and Blenio valley. Those who wish to have some fun and adventure can reach this place, hire the sledge and have lots of fun with the family.

2. The Fossil Museum
This amazing placer is listed in the UNESCO’s world heritage site and fossils a wide range of animals as well as plants. Centrally located in the village Meride, this place provides you an opportunity to have a look at the animals and plants that once existed and are extinct now.

3. The castles of Bellinzona
The castles of Bellinzona

When Ticino, you cannot miss seeing the castles of the Bellinzona. The castle dates back to Palaeolithic age and boasts the history of this place. The place was recently restored and is worth a visit.

4. Parco Civico
If you are looking forward to relax in a park enjoying the amazing views of the mountains and the lake, this park can be an ideal place for you. The wide spread greenery, magical looks of the nature and cleanliness will surely win your hearts.

Hotel Splendide Royal

With so many options for accommodation available in Ticino, you can select the one that meets your budget and comfort requirements. Some of the best hotels which can be taken into consideration include Hotel Splendide Royal, Hotel Giardino SA, Hotel Internazionale, Hotel Eden Roc and Villa Orselina.

The magnificent landscapes, glittering snow covered mountains and historical landmarks have made Ticino a most visited holiday destination.

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