Toronto – A Sparkling Destination With Amazing Picks

If you enjoy relaxing in the lap of nature, one of the best destinations for your holidays can be Toronto. This amazing city located in Canada, is a perfect place to experience the wonders of nature and have numerous fun and thrill.
The vibrant city life, stunning waterfalls, historical monuments and alluvial deposits offers so much to be explored and enjoyed. Toronto is the capital city of Ontario and a place of festivals which can be visited by you in your holidays.

Getting there

Toronto Pearson International Airport is the international airport which is located a few miles from the city and is the hub for international flights. One can easily make bookings and reach in here. The capital city is easily accessible by cars and other modes of transport available in the city.

Best time to visit

As far as the temperature of Toronto is considered, it is most of the times cool with excessive cold in the month of January when the temperature drops to minus degrees and there is always a possibility of chilling storms. However, the months of July and August remain a bit warmer and can be the perfect time to visit this place.

Major sites to visit

1. CN Tower
CN Tower

It is the second tallest tower in North America with a height of about 500 meters. The amazing thing about this tower is that it comprises of a glass floor that is amazingly beautiful but scary to walk on. You can reach the top of the tower using the elevator and enjoy the incredible views of the city and spectacular views of the sunset from the top.

2. Toronto Zoo
This place is easily accessible via car or a transit and serves as the best place for complete family fun. Here you can get see a wide range of animal species and enjoy both outdoor and indoor activities.

3. Royal Ontario Museum
Royal Ontario Museum

This magnificent building showcases the Romanesque revival with carvings of events and people. This place is worth exploring for those who love art and are willing to explore the culture of this place. Here you can have a look at the wonderful artifacts including Canadian furniture, dinosaurs, art deco and much more.

Radisson Plaza Hotel

Toronto has a wide range of hotels ranging from luxury hotels to average ones offering outstanding services within the budget of all. The top ones here include Radisson Plaza Hotel, Econo Lodge Inn & Suites, Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel etc.

Have ultimate fun with your family by planning a trip to Toronto in the vacations.

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