Venice - An Oasis Of Romance

An internetwork of canals and bridges, Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Nestled in the northern part of Italy, it comprises of 118 islands connected via canals. The most significant feature of the city is its constant look through ages. Over centuries, there have been no major changes made to the city which has given it a historical and renaissance feel. It has become a popular tourist destination for many and has roughly more tourists in the city than the actual residents.
The best time of the year when you can visit Venice is during the summer and the spring where the moderate temperature and the tourist load will give you an exhilarating experience. The nearby cities like San Gimignano and Manarola are also worth a visit as they are known for comprising the historical wonders.

Getting in

Though the major mode of transportation in Venice is through waterways, the closest airport there is the Marco Polo airport from which you can continue through a shuttle bus or a city bus. Getting in by car can be troublesome due to the expensive parking and the lack of roads. The most efficient way to get in the city would be to hire the services of water taxis and jetties.

Major attractions

1. Churches

There are a large number of historically significant cathedrals and churches in Venice such as Saint Mark’s Basilica, Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, etc. The buildings have been preserved in all their glory and offer a unique significance to the city.

2. Doge’s Palace
It is one of the major landmarks in the city and constructed using Venetian gothic architecture.

3. Jewish Ghetto of Venice
Jewish Ghetto of Venice

Home to five synagogues, this neighborhood has flourished and Jews lead an active life even today as the majority race.

4. Museums
There are many famous museums in Venice such as Mocenigo Palace, La Fenice theatre, etc. that offers a unique taste of its rich cultural heritage.

5. Gondola rides
Gondola rides

They offer a unique peek into the city’s architecture and are considered around the world as one of the best romantic experiences that you can have.

Due to its historical importance and demand from the tourism sector, most lodges and accommodation in Venice is quite expensive. Bed and Breakfasts in Venice offer you the best place to stay at affordable prices while offering the best amenities and connectivity to the rest of the city. As it is well connected by ferries and taxi boats, getting around the city is quite easy and simple as well.

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