A Cheerful Vacation In The Capital City Of Delhi

Delhi is the capital city of India and is one of the leading global cities offering a perfect mix of modern and traditional culture. This place offers the environment and atmosphere to have extreme fun.
The historical monuments, sightseeing options, thrilling nightlife and theme parks are some of the major attractions that catch the attention of people from all round the world. There is almost everything for people of all ages and a trip to this place can really be a promising one.

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Delhi being the capital city of India comprises of an international airport, Indira Gandhi International Airport. Apart from this international airport, there is also a domestic airport that receives local flights. With an international airport as well as domestic airport, people from both outside the country and within the country can easily reach this place. In addition to airways, Delhi is well connected to all the major cities of India via railways and roadways.

Major attractions

1. Red fort
Red fort

This fort dates back to 1648 and is designed in red sandstone. The beauty of the amazingly designed fort is stunning with the lush green gardens that add stars to it. There are several small places like chatta chowk, Diwan-i-Am, Diwan-i-Khas, Rang Mahal, hayat Baksh Bagh etc. that are part of this fort. If you wish to get something as souvenir, you can surely get it from the Chatta Chowk.

2. Chandni Chowk
This place provides a real crowded experience to the visitors. The twisting alleys, tiny shops and traditional art and crafts work are the main attractions of this place. Apart from purchasing the traditional things, the tourists should surely taste the traditional food in the small food corners here.

3. Lotus temple
Lotus temple

An amazing architectural beauty, the Lotus temple is designed in the shape of a lotus in white marble. You will really get amazed to see the green parks and blue ponds that surround the temple. This place is basically a Buddhist temple and is crowded with people all round the year.

4. National Zoological park
Spread in a large area, this zoo serves the purpose of preserving the biodiversity of India. This place can be a perfect spot for complete family. You can get an opportunity to see a wide species of animals like elephants, tigers etc. The place is green all over and you can see the animals resting in their natural habitat.

Delhi not only attracts people because it is the capital city of India but because of the fact that it is a treasure of several places of historical monuments, parks, museums, vibrant nightlife etc.

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