Dalhousie - A Quiet And Ideal Hill Station

Popularized by many as the ideal destination for honeymoons, it has gained quite a reputation due to its calm, quiet and serene atmosphere. There has been little effect due to urbanization as the city still retains its natural charm and looks. Located in Himachal Pradesh, this is not the place for tourists who are looking for shopping complexes or malls. The most attractive feature of the hill station lies in its simplicity. There are many scenic views and treks available which offers the best holiday for nature lovers.
Though the climate fluctuates through the day, it is mostly pleasant and convenient. However, the winter months are cold and chilly and cover the small hill station with fog.

Getting there

There are many airports near Dalhousie that makes it well connected by air. However, the frequency of fog in the area leads to the cancellation of many flights. Therefore, travel by train or by buses is the most used and inexpensive mode of transportation in the area. The many taxi services available in the area also help you to get into the hill resort conveniently. However, they can be relatively expensive when compared to buses or trains. Shared taxis are a good way to save money and reduce the travel expenses.

Places of Interest

1. Khajjiar

One of the most popular attraction in the area, Khajjiar is a breathtaking valley that has a spring in its midst. It is frequented by tourists and locals in the summer due to its scenic beauty and breathtaking views.

2. Kalatop Wildlife Reserve
A recognized game sanctuary, it attracts a good deal of tourists and visitors to the area. It is the perfect spot for weekend retreats and picnics. There are many guided jeep tours and rides available that can give you the perfect way to explore the region safely. Covering an area of 3069 hectares, the reserve goes through many villages, hills, rivers and lakes. This has made it an ideal and preferred spot for trekking and other adventurous activities.

3. Upper Bakrota
Upper Bakrota

The heights area in Dalhousie, it is dotted with many residential areas, schools and an army barracks. It offers a good insight into the architecture and the general design of the buildings in the area.

All these features make Dalhousie a preferred holiday destination for tourists who are looking for a calm and serene destination. However, it is best if you plan your trip well in advance to avoid last minute expenses and delays.

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