Kasauli – A Perfect Retreat From A Busy Life

Kasauli is a small hill station located in the state of Himachal Pradesh and offers a perfect retreat to those who have been stressed out of their hectic and busy life. Kasauli is known for its cobbled streets, gardens filled with blooming colorful flowers and innumerable activities for adventure enthusiasts. The sightseeing options are numerous with stunning points like Monkey Point offering breathtaking views of the scenery. The lush green forests with deodar and pine trees can be explored along with the bird watching opportunities. Apart from these things, the tourists can also explore the madirs designed in European architecture.
The adventure lovers can go for activities like paragliding, camping and trekking. Visiting this hill station will surely offer you a rejuvenating experience and you can return back with a refreshing mind.

Reaching Kasuali

Kasauli is though a small hill station, it is very close to Shimla and Chandigarh.You can opt for two airports located in Chandigarh or Shimla to reach in here. However, trains and buses are the best options for the locals to visit this place.

Major attractions

1. Manki Point
Manki Point

The Manki Point also known by the name of Monkey Point is the highest point in the hill station and also has a holy importance. It is said that Lord Hanuman while on going to fetch Sanjeevani Buti put his foot on this hill top. At the top there is also a temple and you will have to hike up so as to reach the temple. Apart from visiting the temple, you can also enjoy the magnificent views from the hill top. The sparkling Sutlej River running in the plain and the snow covered Dhauladhar Range also offers amazing views.

2. Adventure activities 

Activities like paragliding, trekking and hiking can be practiced in Kasauli. The hills offer an outstanding site for both trekking and enjoying the sightseeing of the hills. The interested visitors can go paragliding at Dagshai.

3. Sunset Point
Sunset Point

The sunset point is situated a few kilometers from the stand and is an amazing place to enjoy the sunset views and also explore the picturesque views of the nearby hills. The sunset point leads you to a walk up trail which is also a magnificent destination to enjoy the sightseeing of the spectacular views. This place is called the Gilbert Point.

Kasauli is a renowned destination offering peace and tranquility. The tourists can surely visit this place for an exciting as well as peaceful holiday.
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