Kashmir - A Heaven On Earth

A princely state in North India, it is divided and surrounded by China and Pakistan. Though the entire state has been claimed by India, Pakistan considers the area as territory in dispute. Even then, the place is offers some of the best natural views and stunning sceneries in the world. Popular for skiers, man resorts and facilities offer the tourists some of the best tracks for asking their way through.
A mountainous region by nature, it is covered with many lakes and rivers, offering some of the most beautiful views and places in the world. It is the best tourism destination for nature lovers who want to see a rare glimpse into the majestic nature of mountains and the calming effects of the water bodies co-existing.

Getting there

You can catch a plane whether to Srinagar and Leh in order to get into the place by air. However, there also many trains and buses that you can catch in order to reach your destination. As land travel usually involves crossing places with hostile environment, air travel is considered to be the safest. Train routes go through frequent earthquake prone spots, places with high temperature variations and hostile areas.

Places of Interest

1. Raghunath Temple
Dedicated to Lord Shri Rama, the temple has its inner walls surrounded by gold and offers a beautiful view into the Hindu faith. There are many other temples surrounding the area that consider different gods from the Ramayana as their deities.

2. Gulmarg

Surrounded by dense forests and small hills, it offers one of her best natural and unique views to the tourists.

3. Shri Amarnath Ji
The Amarnath Cave temple dedicated to a form of Lord Shiva as an ice Lingam, it is well revered and respected by many. It is one of the oldest and religiously significant temples for the hindus and is built with beautiful construction and dedication.

4. Chadar trek
Chadar trek

Located at a high altitude, it offers one of the best trekking destinations in the world. One of the most famous attributes is that of River Zanskar freezing up in the winter offering a beautiful sight of a frozen lake. This is best for people who are seeking adventure and treks.

5. Mata Vaishno Devi
One of the holiest and most respected pilgrimage for Hindus, it is located at an altitude of more than 5000 feet. From the base camp, the pilgrims have to trek for more than 12 km in order to reach their destination.

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