Mahabaleshwar – A Pleasant Hill Station Offering A Peaceful Environment To Relax

If you are looking forward to visit a hill station in your upcoming holidays, one of the best places that you can visit is Mahabaleshwar. Located in the state of Maharashtra, this hill station boasts an evergreen forest thus making this place a pinnacle of spectacular views and greenery. The place is beautifully surrounded by lush green vegetation, magnificent hills, look out points and valleys.
The lookout points that catch the attention of people include Babington point, Arthur’s Seat and Lodwick Point etc. Apart from this, the visitors can also enjoy exploring the Lake area on a horse and enjoy some mulberries and strawberries.

Get in
In order to reach Mahabaleshwar, the tourists can make bookings to the nearest airport, Pune Airport which is located 120 Km from the hill station. It is also well connected to different places in Mumbai as well as other places and local as well as international tourists can easily reach this place via bus or hire a car for their trip.

Places worth visiting

1. Venna Lake
Venna Lake

One of the major sights that is most visited by people in Mahabaleshwar is Venna Lake. This lake is bounded by trees on all sides and provides an amazing sightseeing of the place. The tourists can enjoy boating in the lake and have lots of fun during evening.

2. Wilson Point
Capturing the amazing views of the natural beauty is one of the best things that you can do during your trip. Wilson point is a spectacular place to enjoy the sightseeing of the sunset. This place is crowded with people mostly couples. There are several other points that can be visited by you for magnificent landscapes. These include Lodwick Point, Elephant's head Point, Kate's Point and Babington Point.

3. Mahabaleshwar Temple
Mahabaleshwar Temple

This temple is worth visiting in Mahabaleshwar. The architecture of this place is appreciable and this place is considered as the confluence point of 5 rivers, Venna, Krishna, Gayatri, Koyna and Savitri.

Sagar Villa Hotel

Mahabaleshwar is one of the best holiday destinations which is crowded with people in the peak season. It is due to this fact the place comprises of a wide range of budget hotels in which the visitors can make their bookings. Some of the major ones include Citrus, Hotel Vyankatesh, Sagar Villa Hotel and Regenta MPG Club.

Mahabaleshwar is a peaceful place and hence is often preferred by people who wish to relax and say goodbye to stress. The serene beauty of this place is worth exploring.

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