Mumbai – A Lively Place With A Vivacious Atmosphere

Mumbai is a magnet that draws people from all round the world. This place is the capital city of Maharashtra and is known for several things, the major one being the hometown of the Bollywood stars.Considered as the commercial capital of India, this large city has everything that you might expect from a holiday destination.
The sea, the beaches, picturesque landscapes, luxury accommodations etc. are the major attractions that attract thousands of tourists to this place every year.

Reaching Mumbai

Mumbai being the largest city in India is well connected to all the major parts of the world via airways. Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is the airport that connects this place to London, New York, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and several other places. It also has a domestic terminal that connects this place to the major cities in India thus, making it comfortable for both the local and international visitors to reach Mumbai in a comfortable and safe manner.

Major attractions

1. Sanjay Gandhi National park
Sanjay Gandhi National park

Earlier known by the name of Borivali National park, this national park is a protected area and serves as a preserve for the animals. Located in the suburban part of the city, this park is not only the home to diverse flora and fauna, it also showcases rocky cliffs and greenery. While exploring the place, you might come across the animals like Rhesus Macaque, Chital, Indian Hare, Porcupine, Sambar Deer, four-horned antelope and many others.

2. Elephanta Island
This Island is basically known for its caves which are enriched with amazing rock carvings and architectural wonders. The beautifully carved caves reflect the cultural past of the Indians. Most of the carvings depict Lord Shiva. These caves are listed in the UNESCO world heritage site and are worth exploring.

3. Beaches
Juhu Beach

There are a number of beaches in Mumbai that offer plenty of fun and entertainment to the guests. The beaches that can be visited by you include Aksa Beach, Marve Beach, Juhu Beach etc. the beach side activities are really fun.

4. Kamala Nehru Park
If you are looking forward to enjoy a picnic with your family, this park can be an ideal location. Considered as the oldest park in Mumbai named after the wife of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, the major attraction of this park is the shoe house that is named as Old Woman’s Shoe. It is due to this feature that this park is also known by the name of Shoe Park.

Mumbai is a hub of tourists because it has a lot to explore and see and planning in advance will let you know the places that you should not miss like Essel, World, Kanheri caves, Powai lake etc.

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